Wordless Wednesday: not Christmas yet





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  1. Well Mama, this year I’m breaking all my ” well after Thanksgiving” rules. Yes, it’s going to be Christmas here in a few days, not the tree, but a few other things are making their way into the décor. 🙂 And. . . snow?? possibly this weekend. A flurry or two, perhaps?? And lights. Lots and lots of lights.


    • Well, my dear friend…since you were not much into the Christmas mode last year, I’ll forgive you this year for getting into the spirit ahead of time. 😉 Ooooo – snow and lights and snow and lights….I’m thinking there’s going to be some pretty photos. Right?


    • I took those photos in my little hometown a few weeks ago. I don’t edit a lot of my pictures because I like them SOC (straight out of the camera). The first shot is unedited. But I played around with some photo editing on the second one and added some contrast. The third one I really got carried away but I loved the effect and the focus on the display (just like I think the focus should be on Thanksgiving right now not Christmas yet). Glad you liked it!


  2. Although it would be good to put up Christmas lights while it’s still relatively warm, I’m still resisting until after Thanksgiving too. I won’t be very happy when the big retailers get their way and kick off Christmas shopping in July.


  3. Great contrast between #1 and #2! Lovely photos. Love how you focused on the scarecrow in the last one.
    omg, mama! Guess what? Two streets over, a house already has lights, a blown up snowman, and MORE. It took me so by surprise driving by, I just remember the lights and snowman, but noticed a whole lot more. I’ll drive by more slowly next time.


    • Got that same situation going on here — Christmas lights ablazing at several houses in the area. I just shake my head and wonder what in the world happened. When I was really young, my parents didn’t even put our tree up until just before or on Christmas Eve. Christmas seemed to be more revered back then, I think.


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