What is my hue?

blogIMG_1915Color me…

I suppose nearly everyone can name a favorite color.  It’s usually the color we’re drawn to the most – the one that delights us or perhaps even defines us as a person. 

If red or dark purple fascinate you, you might be bold or aggressive.  If you fancy blues and greens, you like peaceful, calming effects.  I imagine someone who favors orange is outgoing and extroverted.  

If I have to choose a favorite color, yellow it is.  I’m drawn to it like a bee buzzing around a succulent flower.  Yellow just makes me jubilant all the way around.  I find it cheerful, sunny, and just happy.

Because I love yellow, you might be inclined to think spring or summer are my favorite seasons.  After all, those times of year are usually filled with abundant sunshine and brilliant yellow flowers breaking out in vibrant color.

But no, color me… autumn.  Color me a mixed palette of yellows, reds, oranges, golds, and even browns splashed amidst green here and there. Color me sunshine shimmering through the leaves of ever-changing trees creating a feast for my eyes.  Color me warm sunny days and cool frosty nights.    Color me acorns and crunchy leaves underfoot.  And color me blazing bonfires.

My favorite color – the hue of me – isn’t just one color at all.  My favorite color is autumn. That’s why this week’s photo challenge – the hue of you – was fairly simple for me to accomplish.  All I had to do was venture outside with my camera and allow my hue to encompass me.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ~ George Eliot

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13 responses

    • It truly has amazed me how the Lord has led me to like-minded blogging friends. Sometimes I read your posts and think the same thing (how did you get inside my head?) 😉 I think it’s really the Lord inside our spirits, don’t you?


  1. It is the only season I miss. The richness of its colors seem to make life vibrant. Maybe it’s because we don’t have it that draw me to it so much. We’re driving to an area nursery/garden tomorrow just to get some pumpkin patch photo’s. Yes, those colors are drawing me in too!


    • Oh goodness, I would be sad to not have much of a fall season. Even though we’ve lived in various parts of the country, we’ve always been blessed with fall and I’m grateful for that. The autumn colors are just ‘me.’


  2. Oh, I love your photo and your words about your love of autumn. Although I love the awakening of the earth in the spring, there is a special beauty about autumn. We’re going for a day-trip to the mountains this weekend, and I’m hoping we’ll catch the fall foliage at its peak. Our trees here in southeast Virginia are JUST beginning to turn.


    • I have to agree with you that spring is also spectacular when color awakens after its winter’s nap. Our leaves have been turning in stages and some are completely off the trees. Believe it or not, we actually saw snow flurries in the air for a short while yesterday!! I hope you have a lovely trip to the mountains and catch some glorious fall photos. Enjoy your weekend!


    • When I came home from my little photographic jaunt and loaded my pics onto my computer, I was astounded at how beautifully that photo turned out. I loved it from the moment I set eyes on it and knew it had to go on my blog somehow.


  3. I’d be hard pressed to choose on this one, but I’d have to pick autumn/winter for me. I adore all the bright colors and glory of autumn and when I thinaboutmy yarn stash, I do have a lot of earthy tones. However, I’ve always liked blues and dusty shades of colors. I love all the muted winter icy blues and inter whites, the shadowy grays of an impending snowstorm. Of course since menopause hit, I entered into my ‘froofroo’ stage and suddenly love pinks. Lol. Go figure. 🙂


    • I’ve always been drawn to earth tones and it’s even reflected in my wardrobe. I’m just an autumn kind of gal! But I will say I love wintry blues as well because I enjoy the winter season too. I had to laugh at your menopause comment because while you entered your ‘froofroo’ stage with pink, I remember suddenly wearing an awful lot of black in my menopause stage! Oh, just a thought, maybe that had to do with that mid-stage weight gain!! Ha! 😀


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