My back-to-school essay

blogDSCN0263What did you do on your summer vacation?

I didn’t have one. 

One sentence.  That’s what would be written on my ruled notebook paper if my assignment was to write a back-to-school essay about my summer vacation.

It’s back to school week in my neck of the woods.  Big yellow buses lumber past my house and one noisily downshifts to a stop nearby for some elementary students. 

Everywhere you look, back-to-school supplies monopolize the ads, TV commercials, and stores.  I can honestly say back-to-school shopping is something my checkbook doesn’t miss here in the empty nest, even though I am an aficionado of school supplies and would readily open the checkbook up for some nifty office products.

Yes, it’s back to school season.  Recently, I was near a college campus and as I walked down the street, the familiar cadence of drums echoed through the air followed by that unmistakeable  sound of band music.  It’s time to practice for football season. 

Yes, there’s a change in the air.

You can hear it.  You can feel it.  You can even smell it.  Autumn is on its way.  Hooray!

So what DID I do with my summer?  It just seemed to pass by…one day after another…in a hazy, dazed kind of way.  Summer plans to accomplish a list of to-dos flew right out the opened screened window.

American author Sam Keen wrote, “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”   If that’s the case, I have been the poster child for respectability.

No accomplished plans.  No summer vacation.  Just a bunch of languid, dull days strung together like well-worn, shabby towels sagging on the clothes line.  That’s what this summer seemed like to me.

Mulling this over while I so anxiously wait to usher in my favorite season with a warm welcome, I had to ask myself, “Was there anything note-worthy about this summer?”

What could I write about in my first day back to school essay?

I turned, as I often do, to photographs for inspiration.  And I found there were several days that proved worthy of commemorating and depositing into the summer memory bank before I kick this sluggish summer season to the back corner so flashy fall can captivate me.

So my back-to-school essay is a photo collage with each photo representing an event or happening that made me grateful, even if it was summer and I didn’t get a vacation.


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10 responses

  1. Looks like you had a perfect summer. Staying home and enjoying drives with your sweet hubby can be like a vacation all by itself. It is so incredibly hot and humid here today, it’s hard to believe autumn is around the corner.


    • You know it’s funny, I wouldn’t have called it perfect. It seemed perfectly boring to me, but in retrospect, it really wasn’t that bad after all. It’s warmer and very humid here today too and we had a torrential downpour of rain which caused lots of flash flooding in our area. Still summer…


  2. Comments are back — yay! 🙂

    It sounds like you had a great summer — that’s one reason why I love photos so much; they bring back the memories anew. This line was great, “Summer plans to accomplish a list of to-dos flew right out the opened screened window.” Ha! So true. And the very same happened over here. We are still floor-to-ceiling boxes, but summer is not very conducive to unpacking. Or cleaning. Or cooking. Or well, let’s just say fall is my favorite season too, and I bet we’ll be plenty productive with that great cool air!

    My favorite photo was the one you captioned, “Sunday drives with hubby,” in large part because of the caption. Lovely.


    • Thanks, my friend! That comment thing was weird. When I looked over that post, the disable comments was checked….and I didn’t do that….gremlins must have done it. :-O You’ve got plenty of time to unpack and re-organize, that’s what winter is for! 😉 And P.S., the Sunday drives with hubby were lovely.


  3. Aw… I love your photo slide show. I really don’t miss buying school supplies either. But you know what? Something you wrote brought an old memory charging right to the forefront of my brain: the word “nifty”. Do you remember a notebook popular in the 60’s called a “Nifty”?? Must go google that right now!


  4. I spent my summer attending to our daughter after her surgery and getting her ready for graduate school. I am now getting some respite away from work and one more weekend away with my spouse coming up. Better late than never huh? The summer flew by and dragged by at the same time.


    • You better believe it, Patty, better late than never! And yes, that’s exactly it – summer flew by yet dragged at the same time. I’m kinda in the same boat as you; my daughter is going to have surgery this week. Hoping your daughter is fully recovered and ready to roll to graduate school and that you get in a little rest and relaxation.


  5. The sunset is so pretty, actually all of them are pretty, in their own way. Yes, as a band brat mom, I love to hear the cadence of the drums as they practice their formations at the high school several blocks away. Makes me smile every time, especially as how I see them now as wonderful grown adults. 🙂


    • That sunset was particularly colorful and it was such a nice cool evening too. My kind of end of the summer day! My kids weren’t in band – well, son was in middle school but by the time he hit high school, he decided to stick with his sports. But I still enjoy hearing band music because it signals fall to me. 🙂


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