Weekly Photo Challenge: in the background

This week’s Word Press Photo Challenge is almost over, but I’m sneaking one in. 

It’s been years since I’ve positioned myself on the wooden bleachers at a community ball game.  We spent many summers doing just that while our son played baseball from Little League all the way up to Senior League.

And I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed a rousing game of ball on a summer’s evening.  Last weekend, we traveled to visit oldest daughter and son-in-law at their home in another state.  We made it just in time to watch a community church softball league game and see our son-in-law play.

This photo I took of him at bat fit the weekly photo challenge, but it reminded me of something else as well.  In the background of Mama’s Empty Nest, way back before there was an empty nest, Mama used to spend lots of time watching from the bleachers at the baseball field, the soccer field, the basketball court, and the track.

And in the background during those days was the thought that some day it would all come to a halt when the kids grew up and moved on with their lives.  And now that thought is a reality in the present.

But it’s still fun to look back! And it’s fun to look forward too!


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9 responses

  1. Bringing back memories. Concerts. Dozens of dozens of years and years worth of concerts. At least we had shelter from the weather 🙂 lol.


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