Color challenged

Color, color, I need color!!

The French impressionist artist Claude Monet once claimed, “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.”

I am certainly not an artist, but during this time of year I do profess an obsession for color.  And while it provides cheer and much joy for me, it sure doesn’t torment me like it did Monet; I’m simply satisfied to view it.

I’ve written often of my desire for color in my world. Especially after a long, bleak winter, I find myself yearning for spots of vibrancy before my eyes.  I often joke that I feel color-deficient during this time of dormancy.

So when color erupts in the view from my window, my heart sings.  And I may break out in a song or too out loud also! So this week’s Word Press Photo Challenge elated me – Color!

Color proves a tad slow in showing its glorious face outside, so I searched inside and outside my home to shoot these photos.  Each shot I chose to personify this challenge is meaningful to me as well. Hover over each picture to read the caption and you’ll learn why.

I also decided to shoot each color attributed to the rainbow.  So here’s my tribute to  ROYGBIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Let there be color….and let it be SOON!


6 responses

    • So true, Montucky. Winter does remind us how much we enjoy color. I really do like winter, unlike most folks here. I like the snow, I like the cold temps, I like its frostiness. But when the snow melts and we’re left with all the shades of brown, black and drabness, I’m screaming for some color. The grass is starting to green though and our trees are breaking out in buds.


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