Give me a sharpie, I need to make my mark

blogDSCN0193We humans sure like to make our marks on this world, don’t we?

Just recently, while traveling for my job, I noticed an unusual kind of ‘graffiti’ painted on the side of a rocky hillside.

Either Batman had recently visited there or perhaps his Bat Cave was really located inside that hillside.  Or someone just painted the Batman symbol on the rocks.

Batman.  Really.  Who leaves Batman as his mark, unless you’re delusional enough to think you are that caped crusader, the dark knight?

I mean this place definitely is not Gotham City and I doubt if someone named Commissioner Gordon announced, “Let’s signal for Batman to come help us!”  And I don’t imagine Batman’s sidekick Robin cried, “Holy side of a hill, Batman!”

No, someone climbed up that hill and made his mark, even if it is a Batman mark.

Why?  Why do we feel this urge to leave our mark?  Is it for attention?  Is it our desire to be acknowledged?  Or is it just so we won’t be forgotten?

I’m fairly familiar with this idea of marking stuff, whether it’s for attention or just to set your own boundary lines.  Way back when, you know, in the olden days /when I was a kid, I liked making my own lines of demarcation.

I distinctly remember two times I made my mark and two times I got spanked for my trouble or making trouble for my mother.   Once was when I traipsed up and down the freshly painted hallway from our living room to the bedrooms with a black crayon marking my progress.  The other offense was coloring a few spots of our green living room carpet red – with my mother’s lipstick.

Why?  I have no idea.   I always had this longing to be famous, to make my mark, so to speak,  but coloring items in our household sure wasn’t the way to gain fame.

My children also demonstrated moments of marking their territories and some items of our furniture still tell the tale.  Oldest daughter’s marking instrument was the pen.   As a toddler, she made her marks on wallpaper in the front door entryway  and also on a dining room chair seat cushion – all in permanent ink.

When she was in 4th grade, she also laid claim to her bedroom walk-in closet prior to our moving to a different state.  “This bedroom belongs to [Oldest Daughter] and it always will!”  was the message she left on the wall in said closet – also written in pen – for the next occupant to find.

Middle daughter and son liked etching their names into wooden furniture with sharp objects and you can still see their handiwork in a secretary desk and the kitchen table.

Maybe it just runs in our family.  While going through some old books and other memorabilia in our basement, I noticed that my husband, as a child, scribbled his name all over them.

We have to make our mark.  One way or another.

The question is what kind of mark are we going to make in this world?  How do we want to be remembered?  Just by a symbol painted on a wall, a building, a rock?  Or by leaving our name written in a permanent fashion on an item, hoping someday someone will find it and remember who we were?

I think it would be a better choice to leave our ‘mark’ by the way we treat others, through our actions and words.  Through kindness and love, patience and goodness, joy and peace, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. 

To me, those are the ‘marks’ of a life well-lived and a life well-remembered, a life that marks today as the best day of the year because it is another day of life, another opportunity to make a difference in this world.

Tune in again this week – same bat time, same bat channel – because I have more thoughts tumbling around in my mind about leaving our marks.

“Life is short, so live it well, cherish every moment, love your family & friends, leave your mark on the earth.” ~ Unknown



13 responses

  1. Just like pheormones from animals leave their mark so humans must. But for humans I believe it is to feel significant in a world where many times we are pushed around and discounted. Too bad the batman mark marred nature in the process, but we’ll remember that mark in our memory!


  2. This is a wonderful post. I never really thought about the human urge to leave a mark. Your final conclusion is the right one though. And I would add that our values are also imprinted on our children and hopefully they are all those you mentioned.


    • This one (post) has been in the back of my mind and on the back burner of my writing for a very long time. When I spied that Batman symbol, I realized two things: I needed to write the post and I had the perfect photo to go with it. I had to travel that way again, so the next time I made sure I had my camera with me.


  3. Great post! So this is why we blog? Perhaps. Do we want to leave our mark or is our mind percolating so much we have to release?
    Last weekend, husband sawed up the trunk of a fallen tree. Big job! If that wasn’t enough –with a chain saw no less — he had to carve out an Aggie HOWDY into one of the logs. He’s a funny guy and that trunk was just calling to him to engrave something funny. “Do you think we could put it at the entrance by the cattle guard, right under the mailbox?” he asked me. “Sure, why not?” I nodded 🙂


    • I’ve been thinking the same thing about reasons why we blog. For me, it’s both I think…but sometimes my mind percolates overtime! Great story about your hubby and the trunk! You’ve got to post a picture of that Aggie ‘howdy!’


  4. Our daughter left her mark with a sharp object on the dining room table, in a beautiful checked pattern. However, if she ever did such a thing on public property, there would have been some consequences. Sadly, respect in general seems to be on the decline.


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