Not just joining hands but hearts


My three children showing off their wedding rings

“Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.” ~ William Shakespeare

The joining of hands led to lots of heart joining this year.  Our family’s “Year of the Weddings” is coming to a close.  What a year it has been!

We began January 2012 in the middle of planning one wedding – our middle daughter’s – and realizing we must gear up for two more.

Son became engaged the day after Christmas last year and oldest daughter received her marriage proposal at New Year’s.

In the course of the year, I’ve answered a lot of questions from friends about all three of our adult children heading for matrimony.

Here are answers to those questions for my blog readers:

  • No, I did not in my wildest dreams ever imagine that all of our children would marry the same year!  When they were small, I often thought about their wedding days and prayed they would find godly mates, but never once envisioned this happening.
  • Yes, I spent a lot of time in prayer for my offspring to be blessed with marriages.  This just goes to show you that old saying, “be careful what you pray for” is true.   God answered my prayers…boom, boom, boom.
  • Yes, I not only like my new children-in-law, I love them.  Each one of them is a joy, an amazing addition to our family.  I just told someone the other day, better marriage partners for my offspring couldn’t be found if I had picked them myself.   They complement each other and fit together so well.
  • Yes, I purchased and wore three different dresses to the three different weddings.  And I found each one of those mother of the groom dresses on the sale rack!  Fortunate me!
  • Yes, each wedding was entirely different.  Each one of the three couples has their own style, so different from their siblings.   Middle daughter is the nostalgic one.  The lover of antiques and old things, simple and practical.  She loves to chronicle life with pictures, so her wedding had a simple vintage theme with photography whimsy thrown in.  Son and daughter-in-law’s wedding was grand and beautiful, a fairy tale come true with a real life Princess and Prince Charming.  Oldest daughter loves elegance and sophistication.  Her all-white wedding décor at the reception reflected that, along with bits and pieces of Honduran flair since she and her beloved met one another on a short-term mission trip in that country.
  • Yes, I realize that Papa and I may become grandparents in the same fashion.  Three in one year.  But that remains to be seen because for now, all three couples tell us that is a long way off in the future.  Time will tell, won’t it?
  • Yes, I cried.  A lot.


    Wedding #1

For the first wedding, I was a nervous wreck and stressed out.  Sleep deprivation and worry over wedding details caused me to be a bit numb for middle daughter’s wedding, so weeping was minimal.

Plus she exuded infectious happiness to be marrying her true love, so the tears that threatened to spill out were tears of happiness.  I almost succumbed to crying during the ceremony because the two of them just looked so sweet and so much in love, but I managed to squelch the tears.

Son’s wedding proved a little different.  My son was ecstatic and eager to take the responsibility of having a wife, so I was proud of him and happy for him.   But there’s something heart-wrenching about watching your son marry.  At the rehearsal, I found myself choked up and tears flowed.  At the wedding, watching my son become emotional caused me to force myself to keep my emotions in check.  Not an easy task.

The realization that


Wedding #2

I wouldn’t be the most important woman in my son’s life caused me to shed some tears.  But that’s exactly what must happen;  mom must step aside and allow her son’s wife to become the most important woman to him and rightly so.

For our last wedding, oldest daughter’s, I was much more relaxed and enjoyed myself immensely at the reception.  But still there were tears.  A few days before the wedding, I sobbed. Knowing my daughter, who had just returned from far away to live near home a year before, would be moving away again caused some of my tears.


Holding hands with her daddy before Wedding #3

As we waited for the ceremony to begin, I glanced at my oldest, my first-born, sitting with her daddy, holding his hand.  She expressed to him that she felt like crying and he spoke quietly to her and her alone.  She smiled up at him.

I felt emotions well up in me and the floodgate of tears threatened to break once more.   So I grabbed my camera and took pictures instead.

So yes, there were many tears.  And there was much laughter.  And there was so much joy!  Our year of the weddings has come to a close.

Now, it’s beginning to look like Christmas and our new family with three wonderful additions, will all be home for Christmas Eve.  Eight of us now, instead of five.  Our hands will be joined as we pray around the dinner table and our hearts will forever be linked as a family.



16 responses

    • I know! Our family just grew by leaps and bounds this year! Thank you for your sweet good wishes, Georgette. I’ll let you in on a secret — I looked relatively composed throughout this wild wedding year, but I sure didn’t feel that way! 😉


  1. This is a beautiful post! The only wedding I’ve ever been to that I didn’t cry was my own to Motor Man! I think I was holding up so HE wouldn’t cry! I’m so glad “all” your children will be home for Christmas. That will make for one happy home!
    Thanks for sharing all the weddings with us.


    • Weddings do make me cry too, even if I don’t know the couple that well, so me not bursting into tears at my own children’s nuptials is quite something! You know, I didn’t cry at my own wedding and my middle daughter and daughter-in-law didn’t weep either at theirs, but the grooms got very emotional, which was so sweet to see. Just like I imagine Motor Man was at your wedding — so happy to have a lovely, wonderful life partner. I’m glad you enjoyed all of my wedding chatter with me, Dianna!


  2. Oh mama, this post really did make me cry right along with you. To watch one child marry is fraught with emotion. To watch three in one year must have been heart wrenching – with joy, sadness and intense hope for the future. Congratulations to you for surviving all three and now looking forward to your extended family and to a wonderful Christmas! 🙂


    • Well, I can’t think of better company to cry right along with me, Dor. Now that I look back on this year, I’m actually quite stunned that I managed to handle all the emotion and just sheer busyness of it all. I can only credit it to God answering not just my prayers but the prayers of those friends of mine who were praying for strength for me to get through it all!


    • We do, indeed, feel so very blessed. And I truly am grateful we all survived with peace and joy and so much love poured into each event. Thanks for the good wishes, Reeling, and it made my day that my attempt at describing the weddings made you feel like you were sitting right there enjoying it all. That’s an awesome compliment.

      I just realized that somehow when I was editing the post, I accidentally deleted the quote I positioned at the beginning. Here it is: “Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.” ~ William Shakespeare. You know, that’s kind of how I feel about my blogging friends, including you. We’ve joined hands which enable us to write our posts and with our hands, we’ve joined hearts! ♥


  3. Oh Cindy… Beautiful reflections of your wedding filled year. I found myself getting trary as you described your emotions through the various celebrations! Bless you all as you circle together this Christmas Eve… <3. May the joy and laughter and love overfill the brim of your heart! <3.


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