Wordless Wednesday: White lace and promises, part 2

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  1. Super exciting, friend! Such a lovely couple too! Two down, one more to go…you’re in the homestretch now! Looking forward to seeing the photos of oldest daughter’s wedding. I’m sure it will be just as lovely as the others. :).


    • Super exciting yet super exhausting also! 😉 But oh, the beautiful family memories we’re making. You know I’ll be posting about the last wedding for sure. I also hope to post some of the professional photographers’ pictures when all the weddings are over for our “Year of the Weddings.” If you told me, I can’t seem to remember when the big day is for your lovely one. I’ll be keeping an eye out on Facebook for that as I’m very excited for you too!


      • Her wedding will be June 24, 2013. We are doing a lot of planning, as you well know, but it has been so fun and exciting for us for sure. She has her dress, her bride’s maid dresses are ordered, one has arrived, and I just picked up my own dress last weekend! And, of course, collecting all sorts of things and ideas for the decorations and final touches! 😉 I can not even imagine planning THREE weddings in ONE year! Hats off to you, Mama! (and Papa too!).


  2. Lovely couple! Thanks so much for sharing your photos of your son’s wedding! She seems like such a sweet addition to your family 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing pics of the next and final wedding! You’re in the homestretch now! I will be praying for you as those finishing touches are all wrapped up!


    • Thank you! Our new daughter-in-law IS a sweet addition to our family. She just fits in with us and it seems like she’s naturally one of us. It was that way from the very first day we met her. Actually at middle daughter’s wedding, a guest thought daughter-in-law was a sister to the bride! So it was like she was already a member of our family. She is a blessing, that’s for sure, and we thank the Lord for bringing her into son’s life and ours.


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