The day it all began

It’s not Wordless Wednesday today but it is October 1.

And at Mama’s Empty Nest, October 1 is an important day.

A day important enough to post a picture.

In our “Year of the Weddings,”  it seems appropriate to publish a picture of how it all began.

Thirty-five years ago today – yes, 35! – a twenty-something young lady only had eyes for her twenty-something boyfriend.  And he asked her to marry him.

She accepted and on this day, October 1, they promised each other they would travel though life’s ups and downs together, here and there, through thick and thin, until death would they part.

Thirty-five years, three children, and many moves later with both wonderful experiences and difficult days too under their belt, this young couple is now middle aged and empty-nested, but having the time of their lives celebrating their children’s marriages in the “Year of the Weddings.”

Yes, that young couple in this wedding photo is this empty nest mama and her husband on October 1, 1977.

Happy Anniversary, my husband!  The best is yet to come!



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    • Congratulations to you and your husband!!!! You two are a very special couple, and during those 35 years your children have seen true love and devotion for each other and for the Lord modeled each and every day.. What a wonderful gift to your children as they each begin their journey in this “Year of the Weddings”. Wishing you both at least another 35 more !!!


  1. Oh I love that song — the best is yet to come! 🙂 So true. And now it’s stuck in my head, which actually is a nice song to have stuck in your head. Many happy anniversary wishes to you. What a special year. And you look so beautiful and happy in the picture! Clearly you two were meant for each other. Today is actually a very special day for me too — as it’s my 12th anniversary. Something nice about the first of October, isn’t there? The leaves just turning, the start of fall, it’s my favorite season. 12 years ago today we had a weather anomaly in Boston, and it was 85 degrees on my wedding day! Bright sun — as if the whole world was celebrating with us. I wish you that same happy feeling (I can sense it in your words) and again, may you have many more special days to come.


    • Yep, I’ve got that song stuck in my head too! How fun that we share an anniversary date! Hope you had a most wonderful day with your sweetie too.

      Fall is my absolute favorite season also which is why I’m glad we were married in the fall. I love the warm sunny days, the leaves changing, and the chilly evenings.

      So it was unseasonably hot on your wedding day 12 years ago. It poured rain on mine until time for the ceremony and afterwards dried up enough that we could get outdoor pictures in the park. Guess what? It poured rain on our middle daughter’s wedding in June and in September at our son’s ceremony. Wonder what older daughter’s day will be like? I’m thinking rain, but we’re praying there won’t be snow! :-O


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