Bursting my doughnut bubble

Round foods that are good for you.

They’re round.  They’re sweet.  And they’re delicious.  They are donuts or doughnuts, whichever you prefer.

I prefer them either way as long as I get to eat one! Ever since I was a youngster, they’ve been among my favorite foods.

Matter of fact, I find it very difficult to turn one down when they come my way.   Cake, pie, or even cookies?  I can say no to them all.

But when a doughnut is offered, unless it’s jelly-filled, I’ve got yes all over my face, along with the powdered sugar.

Often on a Saturday morning while enjoying my cup of hot tea I’ll say to my husband, “Mmmm….I could really go for a doughnut.”

Our little hometown lacks a good old fashioned bakery, so donuts (I’m going to use both forms of the word because they’re just sooooo good whichever way you spell them!) come from the grocery store or a trip to a bakery or donut shop in a nearby town.

Recently, hubby came home from running errands and announced that one of these was coming soon to our little burg.    My taste buds perked up and visions of a vast assortment of doughnuts danced in my head. I could taste the sugary, scrumptious goodness of one right then and there.  Oh, joy!

After all, I reasoned we would just do our part supporting our local economy by purchasing our tasty  treats in our own hometown, so I was excited to welcome this newest business.  Since “America runs on Dunkin’,” I sure didn’t want to let America down or my taste buds either for that matter.

While waiting with salivating and bated breath though, I got my doughnut loving bubble burst yesterday.  Some of my readers may remember that I have some issues with my hip and that visits to my chiropractor, Dr. Olsen, have literally enabled me to walk up stairs normally again.

To continue keeping my body in line, I see my chiropractor  (who, by the way, reads this blog – everyone say “Hi, Dr. Olsen!”) every week for adjustments.  The countless ways treatments have helped me beyond that hip would require another post, so I’ll just condense that into two facts.

#1: I’ve suffered headaches for most of my life and now I rarely have one.  #2: I also think my wellness visits have enabled me to handle stress so much better than I used to.  Yes, you might say Dr. O is helping me with all this wedding hoopla going on!

Yesterday, I arrived for my usual treatment at his office and during our usual discussion about life (he gives me good natural health information; I give him little ‘lectures’ on parenting), he took my ever-lovin’ doughnut eating ways and shot a hole right through them.

“Doughnuts are one of the top five cancer-causing foods,” he casually told me.

I think I actually groaned out loud and whined, “No, not donuts!  Anything but doughnuts!

Of course, me being a cancer survivor, he definitely garnered my attention pronto as he handed me a sheet of paper listing the other five: hotdogs (well, yuck, I can definitely pass on those!), processed meats and bacon (ok, yeah), french fries (ouch!), and chips, crackers, cookies all lumped into one category.

My doughnut loving self wanted to cry.  Why donuts, the epitome of pastry finery for me?  Especially with this new donut shop coming to town??

I left his office, fact sheet in hand, and down in the mouth with sad taste buds.  On my way home, I remembered we needed milk, so I stopped at a grocery store where I had to walk past…you guessed it….a glass display case absolutely full of shelves and shelves of fresh, round, sweet, delicious, mouth-watering donuts.

Oh, the pain of it all.   I hurried by, just taking a quick glimpse at all those sugary enticements – the cream-filled ones, the chocolate covered glazed ones, the happy sprinkle-laden ones, blueberry cake ones….  How could anything that looks so good cause something so bad?  But I summoned my resolve and left them all there, bought my milk, and drove home.

Sitting on our family room couch, I read over the fact sheet about these offensive foods – my beloved donuts being one of them.  I did what any red-blooded donut loving person would do.  I googled this crazy idea of doughnuts causing cancer.  And found lots of sites agreeing with this notion.  Even Reader’s Digest, for pity’s sake.

It hurt, I tell ya!  All that reading about my beloved pastry reminded me and my stomach that my yogurt and peaches lunch didn’t carry me very far.  I needed a snack to tide me over until dinner.

So I gathered myself up, walked into my kitchen, and I spied it.  Right there on my very own kitchen counter.  It was round.  It was sweet.  It was delicious.

Yep, I ate a plum.

super-sweet-blogging-award21[Blogger’s Note:  Keeping on the sweet theme, look what I just got today from my friend Dianna! The Super Sweet Award.  Thank you! Gonna have to go eat some more plums though!]


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10 responses

  1. Oh Mama, you’re killing me, you had to use words like cream filled, chocolate covered glaze, SPRINKLES, oh dear. . . . I was so good until the bridal shower at Buca’s. Been on a downhill slide, and now finally all the tasty bits of wedding are over and behind me, the house has been purged, and you talk donuts. Can I be happy with blueberries in my Grapenuts????


  2. Wow, I hadn’t heard this. And I must say that this doesn’t bother me as much as hearing “chips and crackers”. I really don’t eat donuts that often, but those chocolate covered custard filled ones…??? Yum….. Good for you – eating that plum!


  3. This is so funny Mama! Addicted to donuts but filled in with a plum…:) And I love your reference to the trusted chiropractor. I always forget how much help mine can be and I too, have a hip problem. May call and start a new round of appointments with my Dr. Short (who is actually very tall). Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Well, I hope every once in a while won’t hurt. “Every thing in moderation” they say. I’ll take a plain glazed in a heart beat and I do hope my heart keeps beating.

    Thank you for putting things in perspective, mama; I will look at other round foods differently for a while.


  5. Oh, geeeeeez (belabored whine). I was so hoping for a different message, but luckily I just finished up the last of the hotdogs–I won’t even want to look at one till next summer, if then. Thanks, “Mama”–God bless you Big–love, Caddo


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