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Showers of Blessing, Part 2

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  (Acts 20:35)

blogIMG_8396That Bible teaching from my childhood has echoed through my thoughts for my entire life.

I’ve discovered over the years that wise admonition is so very true.  Life seems just so much more abundant when I bless others by giving, not just the gift of money, but through gifts of service – time, energy, friendship, love, and devotion – as well.

This past month, I’ve encountered that feeling of being incredibly blessed.   It’s as if these words written by American essayist Hamilton Wright Mabie have sprung to life – “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

There is much talk of love – true love – and marriage at our house as hubby and I witnessed our middle daughter’s marriage to her only one in June and will watch our son marry his betrothed next month, while our oldest daughter will wed her beloved before the end of this year.

For our family, it does feel like the whole world is engulfed in a conspiracy of love, a season of love…and bridal showers…and weddings.   And many, many blessings.  Showers of them.

Our showers of blessing continued when I hosted a small bridal shower in my home a couple of weeks ago for my son’s fiancée.

Since she is not from our area, she doesn’t personally know many of the people we included on the wedding invitation list.

So I wanted to give her an opportunity to meet and be blessed by some of my closest friends and family here and for them to see for themselves what a wonderful addition she makes to our family circle.

This sounds hard to believe but when my future daughter-in-law came to our home to meet us for the first time over a year ago, I knew she was different from the other girls my son had dated.  She immediately fit into our family in that easy way that seems like she has always been a part of us.

This bridal shower prepared with much thought was one of the ways I wanted  to show her how much she is accepted and loved. I’m pretty certain I succeeded.

Son and fiancée traveled abroad last year, and I think that during an excursion to Italy, their love for one another really bloomed.

So I incorporated an Italian theme with her wedding colors of purple and black and white damask into the bridal shower.  Grapes and grapevines with lanterns and candles completed the decorations.

Small corked bottles, which I filled with olive oil and tied purple ribbon tags on with the printed message,  “What did [son’s name] say to [fiancée’s name] on their Italy trip? O-live you!” served as guest favors.

The menu was simple. Linguini salad, warm from the oven garlic bread sticks, fresh fruit salad, pods of grapes, Italian crackers with three kinds of cheeses  – one with basil, a herb my son relishes and one which symbolizes love in Italy.   The story is that when an Italian suitor wants to demonstrate his love, he places a sprig of basil in his hair to win his heart’s desire.

Desserts included Italian style cookies:  cream wafers, clothes pin cookies, and almond and lemon pizzelles. White and purple grape juice mixed with ginger ale proved to be a tasty and easy to make punch.

As a special dessert, I baked brownie cups in damask cupcake wrappers and served a purple scoop of black raspberry ice cream topped with a piece of Godiva dark chocolate.  Check back tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post and you’ll see a picture of them.   They were a big hit!

But even more important was the love shared that day, shown in so many ways:

When fiancée’s mother and sister joined us in the celebration.  When two of my friends who’ve held 50-year-old friendships with me attended.  When guests shared their thoughts about my son to his beloved.

When my daughters warmly welcomed their new sister and catered to her every need.  When my sister and my cherished friends bestowed beautiful gifts upon the bride-to-be.

When one of my mother’s best friends, a sweet 95-year-old lady, shared her lemon pie recipe (which our son loves) with the soon-to-be wife.  When my treasured friend gave the loveliest and heart-felt prayer of blessing over the upcoming marriage.

Love permeated the air in my house on that day.  I could see it.  I could taste it. I could feel it.  And as I gave thanks for it, showers of blessings poured over me like refreshing rain over a dry, parched land.

“The unthankful heart… discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessing.”  ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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Mama of this empty nest, I’m content to live a quiet, country life with my husband of 40+ years and to view the gorgeous sunsets off my own back yard deck. Mama to three adults and Nana to adorable grandchildren, my empty nest fills up again with noise and laughter when they all return 'home'. A former English teacher, reporter/editor, education director for a non-profit organization, and stay at home mom, I retired after a season of substitute teaching at a private academy. Now I enjoy time spent with my grandchildren and family and writing words that seem to pour out of my soul or wandering around the countryside with my camera. Foremost, my faith sustains me as I meander through the empty nest stage of life. My favorite scripture is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

23 thoughts on “Showers of Blessing, Part 2

  1. Wow, three weddings in such a short timespan, that is impressive. What is also impressive is the shower you gave your future daughter-in-law. Sounds like it went very well too.
    Visiting from Dianna’sblog.


    1. Thanks for visiting! When all three of our adult children decided to marry within six months of each other, let me tell you the word “impressive” did not come to my mind! Ha! More like stressful. But it’s been going very well, so far. One wedding and three showers down, two weddings to go!


  2. A very sweet and thought-provoking post! I am visiting from Dianna’s blog, and enjoyed your post so much this morning. Congrats to your son and his bride. May God’s blessings be on you all!


  3. how lovely and perfect. how wondrous that your soon-to-be-daughter-in-law fits your family like hand-in-glove. it sounds like the shower was perfect. you are making so many memories.


    1. Thank you, Debby! I’m sure trying to handle it all with grace and as little stress as possible. I truly am thankful to have a cup that overflows! Reminds me of this Scripture: “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~Luke 6:38


    1. I know, CE! Isn’t it something??? You know what that means? I have lots more blessings to count! Next stop…hopefully some day in the near future…grandparent-hood. You’ll have to give me good tips on handling those kind of blessings! 😉


  4. Mama’s — so lovely! What an amazing shower you threw for your daughter-in-law-to-be (lots of hyphens!). And what a lovely reason: “This bridal shower prepared with much thought was one of the ways I wanted to show her how much she is accepted and loved.” What a lucky young woman she is! Sounds like this marriage is a blessing for the entire family, and I am so happy to hear your cheerful and loving words. I do wish upon you an unending conspiracy season of love!


    1. Oh, you’re back in the blogging world, Melissa! Sure missed you, your blog, and your sweet comments. Yep, we’re feeling mighty blessed around here these days. Someday, although it seems so far off now, you’ll be feeling the same. My advice is to start praying (even now while they’re still so young) for your children’s future spouses. 🙂


  5. How lucky your to-be daughter-in-law is to have you as her family! The thought and kindness and yes, love, that went into that bridal shower is what made it so special. You are off to a wonderful start for including her in your lives by making her feel so special right from the beginning! P.S. And your decorations are exquisite!


    1. Of course, I think our daughter-in-law-to-be has caught quite a catch in our son. 😉 Just a little biased. Ha-ha! But he is so very blessed to have her as his future wife. I had a wonderful example of how to be a good mother-in-law from my hubby’s mom. I sure hope I can follow in her footsteps. Thank you for the lovely compliment on the decorations too. I’m hoping to get Showers of Blessing, Part 3 about my oldest daughter’s bridal shower written and posted next week.


  6. What a gift you gave your future daughter-in-law, to make her feel welcome, to make the unfamiliar familiar, and most of all to read her young heart in such a meaningful way. Praise to you, mama. Now that’s amore on so many levels. There was a very “sweet, sweet spirit in this place, and I know that it’s the spirit of the Lord.”♪ Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me too! I always treasure your comments. Yes, love was in the air and definitely that “sweet, sweet spirit” filled our house with His presence. I could tell from the ♫ “sweet expressions on each face.” ♫ 🙂


  7. Thank you for sharing the wonderful day. You deserve many blessings as you share your writing abilities with us. Lifting you and yours in prayer today.


  8. She looked so happy in the pictures, I truly think she is already well bonded into her new family. 🙂 What a sweetheart she is. We are blessed Mama, we certainly are.


    1. So glad you got to see the Facebook pictures. She did look happy, didn’t she? I sure hope she feels bonded to us; we just love her to pieces. And yes, we certainly ARE blessed. I’m going to carve out some time this week to check out the wedding photos in your family too! Can’t wait to hear all about it!! 🙂


    1. It’s been quite a year for that! Definitely a year like no other. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the more events I host, the less stressed I become. I’ve really enjoyed all of this party planning. Next week’s post will show oldest daughter’s bridal shower – Showers of Blessing, Part 3. 😉


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