Getting my ‘shiny’ on

blogDSCN7110Most of my evenings while I was disconnected from my laptop and the blogging world I spent planning and preparing for two bridal showers, with some wedding planning thrown into the mix, while keeping one eye turned toward my family room television watching the Olympics.

I’m a fan of the Olympics, always have been, always will be.  I’ve watched every summer Olympics as long as I can remember and I’ve even been known to shed a tear or two when someone captures that gold medal for his/her country.

Somehow, cheering athletes on to win the gold and bridal shower preparations seemed to mesh together in my world.  Glittering gold medals coincided with the sparkly foo-foo business of going bridal at my house.  But an age-old saying also ran through my mind – “All that glitters is not gold.”

That expression generally means that everything that looks enticing isn’t necessarily so. While something might appear to be precious, it’s quite possible it’s not valuable at all.  That’s true about so many ‘shiny’ items that attract our attention.   In the realm of glittery things though, a gold medal is pretty precious especially to the athlete who won it.

Time and energy spent on special decorations, food, and favors to make both bridal showers beautiful for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law and my oldest daughter definitely were precious as gold for them, me, and hopefully our guests as well.   I know both showers provided treasured golden memories that will continue to glow in my memory bank for many years to come.

So glistening and sparkly thoughts have been in my mind lately.  Imagine my surprise then that during my little hiatus from blogging, I opened my email inbox to find a message from one of my blogging buddies announcing I received some glitter for myself!

Dor of Virginia Views graciously awarded the Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandments Award to Mama’s Empty Nest.  Now Dor is one sparkly gal.  Her wit and wisdom shines throughout her blog and I just love reading her writing.  Even though I’ve never met her in person, I imagine her to be one of those people who just lights up a room.

I don’t really think of myself as one of those glistening type of personalities – I think I’m more of a plain Jane.  I don’t sparkle.  I don’t shimmer.  Heck, I don’t even wear flashy, star spangled clothes, or much shiny jewelry.

But apparently, I AM sparkly when I write!  According to Dor, the Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandments Award is “is supposedly based on a real woman who was (or is) known for her elegance.  She was/is also renowned for her personal integrity, good manners and behavior, for having high expectations of people, and a great sense of humor.”  I feel much honored to be considered any of those characteristics and I’ll take all the glitz I can get, so thank you very kindly, Dor!

Like most blogging awards, there are certain rules to follow when accepting the gold honor.   This particular award has three rules: Answer 10 questions.   Nominate some bloggers you think deserve this award.  Notify your nominees.

I’m all about following rules, so here’s my stab at the 10 questions:

1)      Describe yourself in seven words.  Believer.  Practical.  Devoted.  Realist.  Stubborn.  Loving.   Grateful.

2)      What keeps you up at night?  Well… ahem….it used to be my hubby’s LOUD snoring, but his apparatus now alleviates that problem.  So now I find that stress and too much on my plate (and I don’t mean food!) keeps me up at night.

3)      Whom do you aspire to be (like)? Wow, that’s a hard one, but you know that description of Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandments?  A person of integrity, possessing and exhibiting good manners and behavior, having high expectations of people and a great sense of humor.  Yes, I aspire to be like that!

4)      What scares you?  Black bears that suddenly appear around the corner of my garage when I’m sitting on the front porch!

5)     What are the best and worst things about blogging? The best part is having a circle of writing friends.  Honestly, I’ve “met” the most amazing people through my blog and made some truly wonderful connections with them.  And the encouraging comments folks leave for me touches and warms my heart.   The worst?   Feeling disconnected when you’re not online blogging or reading other  blogs.

6)      What was the last website you looked at?  Besides WordPress, I’m pretty sure it was this one when I ordered a few yummy goodies for oldest daughter’s bridal shower!

7)      If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Oh, where to start??? No, seriously, sometimes I’d rather be the balloon than the balloon weight.

8)      Slankets, yes or no?  There are certain people in my family, who shall remain nameless, who actually own and use slankets.  As someone who suffered (and I do mean suffered) for too many years with hot flashes, slankets?? Heck, no!!!

9)      What are you wearing now? Comfy stretchy capris, a sleeveless shirt and no shoes.  My feet yearn to be free of shoes most of the time!

10)   Tell us something about the person who nominated you.  Dor is such a neat gal.  I’d love to meet her in person someday because I find her funny, entertaining, yet so down-to-earth and likeable.  I truly enjoy her views, stories, and pictures of the beautiful Virginia countryside where she lives.

I made it!  Let me tell you, a couple of those 10 questions were brain stumpers, at least for me.  So now on to the really great part about receiving such an award, you get to nominate other talented writers who deserve to glitter like gold as well!

Please go visit my nominees – they aren’t just flashes in the pan, they are the real deal and light up my blog roll just like a string of twinkle lights.  Shine on, my friends, shine on!

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6 responses

  1. It’s been a while since i’ve been on the computer! I see your blog all of the time on my phone, but “typing” on a phone all that you want to say, well, it’s just a bit cumbersome! I was on my computer for some “down” time and thought I would have a look! Loved your post today. I have always thought you were glittery! I remember those lovely Christmas sweaters you wore! But seriously, you have always been a shining light for the Lord…and therefore a glittering example for others to be led to the THE LIGHT!
    Anyway, have been keeping up with your great photos and comments on my husband’s face book! Things look like they’re coming right along! I think, though that you might need some hybernation after the last wedding is over! HA! Looking forward to photos of the next two weddings! Congrats to you all again! God bless you all in the rest of your planning and doing!


    • I wondered where you’d gone, my friend! That explains why I’ve been missing you and your sweet, encouraging comments. HA — those Christmas sweaters from days gone by were kind of glittery, weren’t they??? I must confess that the glitter has totally gone out of my wardrobe as I’ve….um….matured. Thank you for the dear thought; I can only hope that I am a shining light for the Lord. Glad you’re keeping up with the wedding marathon we’re having. Hibernation sounds good and it would be very timely as once the last wedding is over, winter will set in. 😉


  2. Thank you so much for the nomination!! I will get to work on an acceptance post (I actually have a couple of other awards that I need to accept. Maybe I’ll do a combo post.) Goodness! Comments are difficult to come by recently, aren’t they??!


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