Wordless Wednesday: Summer’s sunflowers

Copyright ©2012 mamasemptynest.wordpress.com


14 responses

  1. Beautiful pictures, and the middle one is bright and cheery. Do you just have a few plants or a whole field of them? In the latter case, try to take a picture of the entire field, or most of it anyway.


  2. I love sunflowers. One year I planted them all along the fence on the road and they were gorgeous. Huge giant ones. After the birds had emptied the seed heads I went to try to pull them up and, oh boy, that wasn’t happening. The stalks were thicker and deeper than some of our small trees! I never did get out the roots and I didn’t plant them again. 😦 I do miss their smiling faces though. Lovely pictures and flowers!


  3. You take the nicest nature photos! Question 1: How did you copyright your pictures; 2) Can someone w/your permission do a painting of a particular picture? I am always looking for pictures. Thanks.


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