Wordless Wednesday: climbing clematis

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    • Oh gosh, I have no secret tips or tricks or even lessons for you. Hubby just planted that clematis a few years ago and this is the result. It’s pretty every year. It does face west so gets a lot of afternoon sun (maybe that’s the lesson???).


  1. Man, how do you keep your clamantis all nice and green and alive? Mine bursts through in the spring, and promptly dries and dies a month later. I know they like cool roots, so this year I bought some stones and used it, and it is a little better, but still mostly dead.


    • Well, it’s done blooming now. I took those photos a couple of weeks ago. We don’t do anything special to it, but it seems to thrive every year. But there is some invasive vining weed thing that tries to choke the clematis out every year too, and I’m always yanking that thing out.


    • I’m getting there, Dor! Half-way. Got two bridal showers and one wedding behind me and one bridal shower and two weddings ahead. Hopefully, I’ll be back on a more regular basis soon as the last shower is this weekend. Thanks again for this special award. You are the sweetest! ♥


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