Wordless Wednesday: storm’s brewing

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    • Storms have always fascinated me. Even as a youngster, I would sit on our covered front porch to watch the storms until my mother made me come inside the house so I wouldn’t “get hit by lightning” (one of my mom’s fears as she saw her cousin get struck when they were at a swimming hole). :-O


    • Ha-ha! So would one of my daughters, who has always been frightened by storms. Of course, we lived in the Midwest in ‘Tornado Alley’ when she was born and was a young child so ‘hiding’ in the basement during tornado warnings added to her fright, I’m sure.


      • Oh gosh, we’ve lived in both — tornado zones and earthquake zones. Honestly, tornadoes are scary but you usually do have warning one is headed your way. Earthquakes? No warning – just happens. And that’s scary in a different way.


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