Are reasons excuses or are excuses reasons?

blogIMG_8502“Excuses change nothing, but make everyone feel better.” ~ Mason Cooley

If you’re a faithful reader of Mama’s Empty Nest, with a click of your mouse you visit my blog and find I’ve been missing in action this week except for one Wordless Wednesday post.

That one hit the cyber-waves out there because it didn’t take much time to post.   Glean through my pictures and voila!  Wordless Wednesday post fodder!

There’s a reason why I’ve been absent in the blogging world lately.  No excuses, just good reasons.   You may have also noticed it takes longer for your comments to be approved on my posts.

That’s because the laptop has been closed for most of this week, except today, of course.  No emailing, no facebooking, no blogging, no checking WordPress.  I have managed to read my favorite bloggers on my work computer during my lunch hour, but that’s it.

The reason?  It’s crunch time at my house.  Wedding number 2 (our son’s) is fast approaching and although my responsibilities are not as heavy as they were with our middle daughter’s wedding, there are still items that need attention.

And oh, did I mention that I’m planning, preparing, and holding a bridal shower for son’s fiancée next week?  At my house.  You know what that means, big-time cleaning and general sprucing up of the homestead.  We’ve had rain and the weeds replicated with lightning speed outside.  And hubby’s garden commenced producing more zucchini than I can keep up with.

Plus there’s a bridal shower menu to plan, food and beverages to purchase, favors to make, baking to be done, decorations to decide upon, shopping to complete…you get the picture.

And oh, did I mention that oldest daughter’s bridal shower is two weeks after that?  And that I’ll be hosting a houseful of out-of-state bridesmaids? And helping plan, prepare, and host that bridal shower too (thankfully, it’s at the church fellowship hall)?

And of course, I’m in the throes of assisting oldest daughter with her wedding planning, but that’s a whole other blog post.

So….while Mama’s Empty Nest may be empty indeed — no wait, there’s more info to come on that issue, but I’ll postpone that news for another time — the nest resembles a beehive buzzing with activity.

There, those are my excuses reasons. When Mason Cooley said “Excuses change nothing, but make everyone feel better,”  he was correct, at least it makes me feel better.

I’ll be away for a while, not truly gone, just absent from the blogging scene for the next couple of weeks, I suppose.  I do have some Wordless Wednesday photos queued up in the automatic publish mode, so as long as WP does its part, those should appear in your readers.

So excuse me, but it’s ta-ta for now. The vacuum cleaner, cleaning buckets, and mop are all calling my name.   And I’ve given enough excuses for not heeding them, it’s time for reckoning.  Be back soon!

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12 responses

  1. I too, have been a bit absent. Lots going on, n’est-ce pas? I will reiterate Tammy and montucky…”family comes first” and yes, I’ll “leave the lights on.”
    Just got back from Philadelphia…big weekend of work…still decompressing.
    I’m sitting on a post…just can’t push “publish” yet. This writing thing can be hard at times. My mother and a few friends say “publish.”


    • Yes, I’ve noticed your absence, my friend. Even though I have not been on my laptop much at all, I do check in every now and then to read my favorite bloggers and am missing you. Seasons of busy-ness come and go. Hope your trip to Philly was good. Yes, you are right, this writing thing can be hard. Right now, I just don’t have the energy for it.


  2. have a lovely time with all the hustle and bustle for weddings and showers, etc. We will be delighted to hear all about it whenever you are ready to share! You are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through all these chock-full-of-memories events


  3. When you are making your family the priority it is definitely not an excuse, but in fact a very good reason! Hug all that family for me when you see each one! Love ya!!


  4. Oh, good luck Mama with all the planning, preparation and beehive activities. Then when it gets right down to it, sit back and enjoy! Can’t wait until you return to the blogging world. Meanwhile, I will pay close attention to Wordless Wednesday posts! 🙂


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