Featured on “A Life of Words”

blogDSCN9642 Words are a vital part of my life. I love words, I love to speak them, I love to write them.  I even collect them in the form of quotations in my handy dandy notebook filled with favorite quotes.  And I try very diligently to season my words as best I can.

You might say I do live a life of words.  I’ve written since I was a little girl; I even worked for a time in the world of words as a newspaper writer/editor.  And now, I blog and send my words out into cyberspace.

Today,  I’m feeling special and blessed as my humble little blog is featured on a fellow blogger’s site.  Nikole Hahn at Nikole Hahn’s Journal started a series of posts about writers whose blogs she enjoys reading.  I’m privileged that Nikole has been a long-time reader of my blog and she has become a friend too!  And I felt even more honored that she chose my blog to feature in her series, “A Life of Words.”

You can read her series and also find out the answers I gave to her set of interview questions here: A Life of Words

It’s possible you’ll learn something new about me from reading this that you didn’t know before!  Let me know what you think and be sure to add Nikki’s blog to your blog roll.  She’s an awesome writer and a great book reviewer.

I find it amazing that my life with words has given me such incredible friends in the blogging world.  Believe it or not, I’m frankly a little speechless!

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6 responses

    • Isn’t that the truth, Grown & Flown? There were times, as a young wife and mother living so far away from my parents, my in-laws and my older sisters, that I would have welcomed reading the thoughts or helpful suggestions of those who were going through or had gone through the same things I was. Maybe, as ‘older’ women now, we can be that help for someone.


  1. I read every word of A Life of Words. Her questions and your answers paint a vivid picture of a whole person. Isn’t it grand how we can know each other so well without ever having met? Your words are always truly beautiful and thought provoking, and your answers to NH’s questions are no different. Of course, I especially love this question and this answer: ” What are your top 5 favorite blogs to read?
    Answer: : It’s hard to choose only five because I have a long favorites list. But I never miss reading these bloggers: Homestead Ramblings, Georgette Sullins Blog, Writing for Daisies, Grace For My Mess, Virginia Views, and I never miss your blog, Nikki, either. For gorgeous photography, I also check Montana Outdoors and These Days of Mine every day.” Thank you so very much Mama, and please, keep the words coming! Dor


    • Dor, you are very sweet and gracious. Thanks for your kind words. It’s true that we learn so much from one another by the words we write in our blogs and I’m thankful that somehow, out here in cyberspace, we found each other and a nice friendship to boot! 🙂


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