This Land: a photo essay

This Land Is Your Land

By Woody Guthrie

(Click on each photo if you’d like to see a larger picture.)

This land is your land,

This land is my land

from California

to the New York Island

From the redwood forest,

to the gulf stream waters

This land was made for you and me.

blog259As I was walking a ribbon of highway

I saw above me an endless skyway

I saw below me a golden valley

This land was made for you and me.

Copyright ©2012


12 responses

  1. Your photos are gorgeous and perfect for the lyrics of that song!
    By the way, I thought there used to be a “subscribe to future comments” option on your comment form, but now I don’t see it. ??


    • I have that song stuck in my head for the 4th of July and as I was contemplating the lyrics, I realized I had a lot of photos that complimented them. Some were old – taken with actual film! – 😉 so I had to scan them, but I thought they still looked pretty good. I keep forgetting to check out why the option isn’t on my comment form. I’m off to see that right now. Thanks for reminding me.


  2. Happy Independence Day Mama! You have lived from sea to shining sea, haven’t you? oops, wrong song :). What a neat tapestry your life must be, with so many colors from so many places. This was a wonderful idea.


    • Happy 4th of July right back at you, my friend! I actually thought about posting to that song ‘from sea to shining sea’ but was too lazy short on time to hunt for all the photos. Several of them are from old school film days so that meant looking through the boxes of pictures and then scanning them. So since I’ve been humming “This Land Is Your Land” for days now, I decided to stick to it. Yep, we have seen a good bit of this grand ol’ country of ours, but there are still pockets of places I’d like to go.


    • Well, what are friends for but to share ‘earworms?’ 😉 I admit I’ve always liked capturing things on my camera ever since I got my first Poloroid Swinger camera at age 12. (I still have the pictures I took with it too!) But I have to confess, a couple of the pictures I displayed in this post were actually taken by my kids. 😮


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