Wordless Wednesday: Hay! It’s life in the country

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  1. Beautiful photos! Love the golds and greens.
    When my son was little, and we’d pass these in the fields, he’d call them “worms”, just because of the way they were lined up in a row. It’s still a little joke between us.


    • I missed a great photo-op when the bales were still spread out all over the fields. I didn’t have my camera in the car with me that day and when I drove by the next day, the bales were already stacked. But I still liked the scene they made.


    • Baling hay is so different from how it used to be. When I was a kid, farmers baled hay in small rectangles and hoisted the bales by hand onto a hay wagon, carted it to the barn, where it was stacked for storage. Now they bale in these huge round bales and stack in the fields, sometimes covered in plastic. That’s progress! Thanks for stopping by!


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