Memorial Day Tribute: for our fallen heroes


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    • One day last winter, my family was visiting another town and we drove by this cemetery lined with flags. It is a permanent, year-long display for war vets complete with an eternal flame memorial stone. My husband turned around and drove into the park so I could get these pictures. Then on Friday, my husband came home from work with a veteran’s poppy stuck in his shirt. Hubby (who is a military vet himself) gave a donation to a vet distributing poppies on the sidewalk when he went out for lunch. You don’t see those very often any more and he actually had to explain it to his younger co-workers when he went back to his office. I wonder how many people even know what the poppy means?


  1. That’s a very nice display of our flag! The VFW in this area places a small flag on the grave of each veteran in our local cemetery on Memorial Day. There are sure a lot of flags in that little cemetery!


    • Yes, they do that here too and I just read an article in our local paper where it’s harder for the older generation who used to place the flags on the graves to get out and do this and no one younger is stepping up to the plate. This makes me sad and I’m thinking my hubby and I need to get involved with that, even though we don’t belong to a VFW. Ours here is defunct – not enough members.


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