I’m off on a visit

Mama’s Empty Nest isn’t at home today!  At least not in the blogging world.

It’s hectic at the nest with preparations for middle daughter’s upcoming wedding.  Actually, I’m in the throes of cookie baking – multitudes of them.  (It’s a regional thing here at wedding receptions to have a “cookie table” with umpteen varieties of cookies for feasting.)

So today I’m visiting over at a friend’s place,  Nikole Hahn’s Journal.    Nikki and I have been blogging buddies since the early days of my blog.  She’s become a good friend and I always look forward to her posts.  So when she asked me to guest post on her blog, I jumped at the chance.

This weekend, my local PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) is holding its annual Walk for Life fundraiser.  I’m trying to raise donations for the event.  Nikki just walked and raised funds for her local PRC, so we share a common ground there.

So hop on over to Nikki’s blog and read my post entitled “Mama’s Empty Nest:  To Save a Life.”  And if you’d like to donate to this life-affirming cause, you can do so online here.  There’s a link in my post on Nikki’s blog too.

Oops!  My oven timer just went off, can’t burn those cookies!  See you later!


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