Enthusiastically inspired

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” ~ Bo Bennett

What inspires you?

Is it nature?  Music?  A photograph?  A person?  Spoken words?  Art work?  History?  Architecture? Literature?

I imagine if I asked 10 different individuals that very question, I would hear 10 unique responses.  I suppose on any given day, entirely different aspects may inspire us depending on our mood for the day or circumstances in which we find ourselves.

I find sources of inspiration everywhere.  Sometimes it’s in the beauty of my surroundings, especially when I take in the swirling colors of a sunset or the majesty of ocean waves or a beautifully unique nature scene painted in living color before my eyes.  So capturing moments of beauty or wonder via photography often inspires me.

Other times, words themselves serve as inspiration.  I’m fond of quotes and I accumulate and catalog them in my trusty, worn notebook like someone who collects treasured stamps or coins.  I read through them to find inspiration for a blog post or just a thought to ponder for the day.  The words of faith I find in my Bible also provide inspiration.

Inspiration is something I find difficult to describe, so I turned to my trusty thesaurus for help. Inspiration can be stimulus, spur, motivation, stimulation, encouragement, or a muse.  It’s defined as creativeness, inventiveness, brilliance, or vision.  Inspiration comes to us in the form of an idea, a brainwave, an insight, a flash, a brainstorm, or a revelation.

I’ve been blogging my thoughts on life for one year and eight months now.  Sometimes inspiration for a blog post does come in a flash.  Other times, I mull a concept over for days.  Right now, my notebook is chock full of subjects to write about and the post-it note on my laptop lists more notions to develop into written word.

One of the things I’ve come to appreciate the most about blogging is the encouragement I derive from readers and blogging friends.  My blog’s humble beginning was just a creative outlet for all the words, thoughts, and emotions that had been bottled up in my brain for many years.  Never did I think my blog would develop a following of people who would actually want to read my writing!  I soon realized that I didn’t just enjoy writing my own blog, I relished reading others.

Another surprising aspect has been that my fellow bloggers spark inspiration.  So it is with heartfelt appreciation I acknowledge that two of my favorite bloggers recently received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and they, in turn, nominated my blog for that honor.   I can’t think of better encouragement than when other writers proclaim that what you write is inspiring and that you ‘keep the blogisphere a beautiful place.’

So I thank Dor at Technicolor Day Dreams  for blessing me with this award and my good friend, Diana, at These Days of Mine for her gracious gift as well.

The award rules include acknowledging and thanking the giver (linking it back) and putting the award on your page; listing seven things about yourself, and passing the award to seven other bloggers.  Dianna added a new spin by combining the very inspiring blogger award with another idea of answering seven specific prompts.

So being the over-achiever that I sometimes am, I decided to do both.  First off, here is a list of seven things about me:

  1. I am short and always wanted to be taller.  Maybe one reason my tall husband caught my eye?
  2. I’ve always wanted to visit England (home of some of my ancestors).
  3. Sunshine makes me gloriously happy!
  4. As a college girl, I often said I wasn’t getting married or having children.  My, how our thoughts can change drastically.  I wouldn’t trade my husband and three children for the most exciting career in the world.
  5. I need lists to keep me on track.
  6. Completing crossword puzzles sharpens my memory.  I don’t recycle the daily crossword from the newspaper until I’ve finished the puzzle.
  7. I still miss the sound of my dad’s voice and my mother’s hands.

Now I’ll complete the same seven prompts Dianna used:

I’m most creative … when I’m looking at a photograph. Pictures give me ideas for writing my blogs.

If I were a color, I’d be … yellow, it’s happy.

I often imagine myself … thinner!!!  😉

I really wish I knew how to … play piano music from memory; I just can’t seem to be able to do this.

I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … sitting in warm sunshine at the beach with all my family beside me.

I’m most excited about … my three children’s weddings!

My secret talent is … when someone gives me a word, I can usually sing a song lyric with that specific word in it.

Now it’s time to pass the award along to a few bloggers I find inspiring.

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12 responses

  1. This was such a fun post to read! You’re always mentioning things we have in common: I, too, love the daily crossword puzzle in the paper. I have a stack of them that I’ve cut out, and I take them with me when I know I’ll have some waiting time.
    And I’ve always wished I could play the piano either by ear or from memory. Perhaps I should just be happy that my Mom gave me piano lessons. I know it was a hardship for her….
    Oh – and I’m short too!


  2. Congratulations on this “inspiring” award. As you continue to write in your book of opportunity, I always look forward to you taking us to that now anticipated message at the end. I didn’t expect the “short”. I’m 5’6″ yet people say I’m little. I love your talent “when someone gives me a word, I can usually sing a song lyric with that specific word in it”. I do love breaking into song at the suggestion of just a word, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would like.


    • Georgette, you always find something fun and interesting to say in your comments. I always look forward to them and of course, to your also inspiring posts. (I saw where you had already received this award which is why I didn’t pass it on to you). Short? Heck, yeah. I stand up straight as a poker to be 5’2″! 🙂


  3. What a sweet essay about inspiration. And you are right — different things inspire us in different ways and on different days. Wouldn’t that be neat? To spend a month jotting down an inspirational “thing” each day? To see how our moods and what we notice changes dependent on, well, life.

    Here’s a word: “swing.” Now I’m expecting a song. 🙂


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