Wordless Wednesday: Spring signs


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  1. Those are stunning photos! My little daffodils are just sprouting up so not big enough for flowers yet. I also put in freesia bulbs. Not sure if I’ll get anything this year, but we’ll see. It’s still a bit early.
    Course last night after a 65 degree day, we had the worst hail storm I’ve ever been in. I’ve never seen anything like it. When it was over, it was 2″ thick on the ground. I thought my windows were going to break.
    I want little purple flowers, too!!!!! 🙂


    • Thank you, Jeanie! I was happy with the photos and especially when I spied the bee. It took a few shots to get a good one of him as he kept darting in and out of the crocus. Your hail storm sounds atrocious! We used to have hail like that when we lived in Oklahoma. The yard looked like snow afterwards. We occasionally get a little hail here but nothing like you just experienced. Hope your daffodils didn’t get smooshed!!


    • The flowers are all crocus. They’re always the first to bloom at our house in the spring and I love their pretty, perky colors. We have purple, yellow and white ones. That bee was hard to photograph, he kept ‘hiding’ inside the bloom enjoying the nectar.


    • Aren’t they? And I agree about the bee. That bee is the first one I’ve seen so far. He wasn’t too happy about being photographed and whenever I got close, he flitted away. Then he would be so far inside the flower sipping on nectar, all I could shoot was his stinger. (ha-ha, stayed away from that!!) Bees kind of scare me a little (a childhood story which I might have to turn into a post sometime), so I had to force myself to be very still and let him fly around me, then wait for him to visit a crocus.


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