Say it ain’t so!

Yesterday I learned of two completely unrelated occurrences, but both of them made me unhappy.

First I heard that actor/singer Davy Jones, at the age of 66, died.  Then I heard that the Pittsburgh Steelers were releasing Hines Ward after 14 years of wearing black and gold for that NFL franchise.   I’m not certain which of these events makes me more melancholy.

I was in 7th grade when The Monkees showed up on my television screen.  Like many teeny-bopper girls, I fell in love with them, their music, and their zany TV show.  I never missed an episode and sang along to all of the songs they performed.  I purchased their record albums and scads of fan magazines to read about them.

Out of the four performers, Davy Jones was my favorite, my heart throb.  I loved his cute smile, his hair, his impish face, and his British accent.  Talk about your schoolgirl crush!  I compiled a three-ring binder notebook full of information about The Monkees and especially my love, Davy.  I even convinced my mom to buy me ‘Monkee boots’ to wear to school.

My bedroom was also plastered with photographs of Davy  and as I nodded off to sleep at night, I imagined the day that he and I would meet, fall in love, and get married.  I remember penning “Mr. and Mrs. David Jones” or just “Mrs. Davy Jones” on any blank piece of paper that happened to be handy.

And then the Monkees disbanded and I grew up and my fascination with Davy Jones was replaced by crushes on local high school and college boys.  Many years later, the Nickelodeon channel resurrected and aired the old Monkees show and my own two girls began watching this crazy program and enjoying the music of my girlhood.  Sitting in my family room with them, I viewed the episodes and sang along with all the songs once again.

So yesterday, when I learned the news that Davy Jones had succumbed to a heart attack, I felt incredibly sad.   I checked out a slide show of his pictures on the internet, pictures that were all too familiar from the show, record album covers I once owned, or ones that I collected in my personal stash all those years ago.  In more recent photos, that boyish charm Davy exuded could still be identified.  And I thought to myself, “Davy, I’ll always be your ‘Daydream Believer.’”

Later in the day, more unpleasant news reached me.  Here at Mama’s Empty Nest, we are all Pittsburgh Steelers football fans and player Hines Ward has always been one of our favorites.

No matter what the outcome of the game, he always plants a beaming smile on his face and seems like such a positive person.  I like that about him.  I admire the way he has always given his all to his team with no excuses or whining when things didn’t turn out the best.

Hines has been a four-time Pro Bowl selection and was named Most Valuable Player in the 2006 Super Bowl.   I looked up some of his stats and found that during his Steelers career, he’s credited with 1,000 catches, 12,083 yards and 85 receiving touchdowns.  And no doubt that he was a key player helping the Steelers to three AFC championships and two Super Bowl wins.

It saddened me that this talented yet older player, who wanted to finish his football career as a Steeler, has been released by the organization.  And I thought to myself, “Hines, you’ll always be a Steeler in black and gold for me.”

And so, as I reflect upon this all today in my book entitled Opportunity, I also consider that life goes on.  Some days are stellar like winning a Super Bowl or being a famous teen idol.  Some days are tragic like losing a loved one to death.  And some days just don’t turn out the way you thought they would like being released from your job.

But we make the most of the days we are given, look for the moments of joy, hope for the best, and give thanks for the days of our lives and the people who’ve been a part of them.

“Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.” ~ Winston Churchill

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10 responses

    • I admired the fact that Davy Jones didn’t end up like so many other pop stars often do, addled by drug and alcohol addictions. So yes, I’m a little sad over the loss of his life and also the loss for one of my favorite athletes. 😦


  1. I could totally relate to this. i was the same year in school as you when the Monkees hit big. Davy was my favorite. My girlfriends and I had endless discussions/debates about which Monkee was the best. He was so cute and adorable…:-(


  2. I, too, loved Davy Jones – loved listening to him talk! As a matter of fact, today I had to run an errand for Motor Man to…..Clarksville, Va. I thought about the Monkees on my trip there.
    I had never heard of Hines Ward until Dancing with the Stars, but I became a huge fan of his during that show. That’s sad that he’s been released from the team he loved….


    • Oh, “take the last train to Clarksville,” we’ll never forget their songs will we? I’m glad to hear you became a fan of Hines on DWTS. I never missed that show when he was on it. I thought he was an awesome performer.


  3. You’re telling me! It shocked me Davy was gone. The doctors said a few years ago that he had the heart of a 25-year old. One sudden heart attack later and he’s gone. I loved the Monkeys.


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