The aftermath

blogDSCN8399‘Twas  two days after Christmas and all though the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  (Callie’s a good deterrent.)

The stockings were empty, abandoned without care

Because Christmas was over and they were quite bare.

The presents that previously decorated the tree,

Were spread out over the living room for all to see.

Wrapping paper wrinkled and stuffed in the trash,

Proved evidence that there had been a big bash.

When what to Mama’s eyes did suddenly appear

But mountains of dirty towels and sheets she did fear.

So off to the washing machine she flew in a flash,

Stuffed it full of linens and tightened her robe sash.

And sitting in her kitchen with a hot cup of tea,

She surveyed her quiet nest where once was activity.

The goodies were eaten; there were only a few left,

But that certainly wouldn’t cause her to feel bereft.

The children were off to their work and their play,

But soon they’ll fly back home for yet another day.

Mama’s not sad as she straightens the nest,

blogDSCN8392But Callie’s looking lonely without all the rest.

This Christmas was different, yet joy reigned here,

And hopefully, that joy will last into the New Year.



11 responses

  1. haha…love your poem…a nice distraction as you decompress from the excitement. I wish you and your husband a joyous New Year.

    Yes, Love your poem. Nice job. You inspire…
    I rolled up my sleeves, put a log on the fire,
    I also, did laundry and put up the stockings,
    vacuumed the floor of all that white flocking.
    I rolled up the Advent calendar, and more.
    On Sunday, I’ll take down the tree with ornaments galore.
    I need to weed out closets, throw away and donate.
    Still need to throw out and decide a lot of stuff’s fate.

    One of these days, this old house will be clean.
    T-Bob is snoring, finding nothing boring.


    • Decompress is right! Only there is more excitement coming…I promise I’ll be sharing that in a future post soon. In the meantime, I got a kick out of your poem too! T-Bob and Callie would be in good company, that is if she would tolerate him. Ha.


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