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One of the most difficult aspects about entering the Empty Nest stage of life is feeling left behind.

As my children somehow metamorphosed right in front of my eyes into adults and moved out of our home, I struggled with so many emotions.  Coming on the heels of losing my last living parent, the empty nest found me wallowing in a knee-high bog of grief.

The kids grew up and moved on to new lives of independence (read “Mom felt not needed anymore” here).   My Dad went on to his eternal reward in Heaven joining my Mom and my in-laws there (read “Those days of needing to check up on and take care of Dad were gone” here).   That’s why I felt like I was left behind holding a bagful of tears.

I turned to blogging as a way of working through my feelings and rediscovering my love of writing.  Blogging opened up a fresh, newfound world for me in ways I never dreamed would happen.

Somehow my words sent out into cyberspace found their way into other people’s worlds.  My quiet life with its lack of connections  suddenly came alive with lots of electronic firings.  It seemed as though an unused circuit board sparkled to life with all the lights, bells, and whistles.  I had imagined my life like a switchboard with no phone calls, but as my blogging world expanded, that switchboard was flooded with calls, totally transformed.

I found an entire new set of friends, something I never expected.   My belief is that God made the connections and brought some amazing people into my life through blogging.

“How rare and wonderful is that flash of a moment when we realize we have discovered a friend.” ~ William E. Rothschild.

Recently, I made a new friend, Dianna, in this world of connectivity.   She shares lovely photos and sweet narratives on her blog, These Days of Mine.   Visiting her blog is like welcoming a ray of sunshine into a dreary day.    She blessed me the other day with the Kreativ Blog Award and I thank her for thinking so highly of me and my words.

As with other blog awards, one of the rules in accepting it is to share snippets about yourself that you haven’t already blabbed about shared with readers.  I might have to dig deeply here, since I’m often like an open book.    Hmmm….thinking….thinking…??

Okay here goes:

  1. I was born on a Wednesday, and as everyone knows from the old nursery rhyme – “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”  Not true!!  I beg to differ.  I’m not full of woe, no matter what day I was born upon.  If I could have chosen,  I would have entered this world on Tuesday (full of grace) or Friday (loving and giving).
  2. I have never owned a dog, and I really don’t ever want to own a dog. (Sorry, canine lovers, will you still be my friend?)
  3. I’ve had a pen pal since I was in 4th grade, but we’ve never met in person…yet.  We began our friendship writing letters to each other as children and continued through high school, college, marriage, and having children.  We still communicate with newsy letters at Christmas time after all those years. Someday, I hope we have an opportunity to meet face to face.
  4. When I was a kid, I had a cat named Susie.  Once she brought a baby rabbit (still alive) into our house and laid it in a box with her newborn kittens and another time she brought a snake (also alive) in! I’m not sure why that tidbit of info just popped in my head; let me go check the cat and make sure she hasn’t brought any wildlife into the house!
  5. I’d like to say I have visited all 50 states in the USA, but I’ve only been to 32. I need to do some traveling.

Now comes the fun part – passing the Kreativ Blog Award to someone else.  There are so many creative and fascinating blogs that I visit, it’s difficult to narrow down the field.

One blogger I’ve recently discovered truly is creative.  She’s a mom with young children and right there is a recipe for creativity.  Her blog is fun,  she’s always full of great ideas, and I think her kids must be very blessed to have such an awesome mom!  Check out her blog at Play 101.

I’m also passing this award on to Montana Outdoors .   If you want to see amazingly beautiful photographs of nature taken in Big Sky Country, this is one blog you shouldn’t miss.  I am continually awe-struck at the beauty Montucky captures with a camera.  I know it takes a creative eye to snap such stunning pictures.

During this month when our thoughts turn to thanksgiving, I find myself grateful on this 21st page of Chapter 11 in my book called Opportunity.  I’m grateful for friends, old and new.  I’m thankful for a blogging community with such creative and encouraging writers.  And I’m thankful for you, my readers.  May you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving Day.



13 responses

  1. Aw, what a nice acceptance post! It was interesting to read why you decided to start blogging. I’m so glad that you’ve made such good friends out here in blog-land. Isn’t it wonderful? I find myself looking forward to sharing pictures and events with my cyber-friends, and checking in to see what’s going on with them.
    I’ll be sure to check out the blogs you mentioned.


  2. Thank you for thinking about me and Montana Outdoors!

    Like you, I have found a new world through connections in the world of blogging. I have made many friends, several of whom I have gotten to know in person and they have become close friends. It makes me realize that there are still so many wonderful people out in this world and offsets the cynicism that develops seeing the world through the eyes of the media. I have really needed that insight!


    • Montucky, you’re sure welcome! I love your blog! You’re not the only one who needs insight into remembering there are good people out there. The media with all its gloom and doom depresses me. I’ve taken to turning it off just because it makes me just as cynical as ‘they’ are. That’s why I enjoy reading my new friends’ blogs, which encourage me, inspire me, and show me things of beauty in this creation of God’s – just like your photos do!


  3. Wow — how can I thank you for the truly wonderful things you said about me? I don’t know — but I feel humbled and grateful. Thank you.

    And congratulations to you on the award! It’s well-deserved, and I am happy to be a follower of your blog. I enjoy it very much!

    I was born on a Friday (so was my sister), and it’s a great day, as you mentioned. 🙂

    But now I must admit shock — you’ve had a penpal since the 4th grade? That’s amazing! What a remarkable story! To journey through life as friends, sharing experiences and adventures and well-wishes via the postal service — what a story! I love it. And I so hope you get the chance to meet someday! Have you written a post about that? I’d love to read more, or see samples of the notes you’ve exchanged.

    You’re a great writer, and I look forward to reading even more of your work.


    • Well, HKHM, it looks like we have a mutual admiration society because I enjoy your blog very much too! I was happy to pass the award to you, but thank you for the lovely compliments. Yep, penpals for um…gosh…many, many years…trying to do the mental math (not my strong point 😉 )…okay well over 40 years, I guess. Anyway, no, I haven’t written about my penpal experience yet.


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