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Tired of excuses

blogexcusesIt’s Thursday.  Page three already in Chapter 11 in my Opportunity book.  And you know what?

I can’t wait for Friday!  I cannot wait for this week to be over.   I’m not usually one to wish my week away, but this week…..yeah, so ready for it to be over.

You want to know why?  Several things actually have contributed to my crankiness but there is only one source.  People.  That about sums it up.  So if you arrived at my blog expecting to find something lighthearted or heartwarming today, you might want to stop reading now.  You can go ahead and click out of here, I won’t know and I won’t hold it against you.

Today I’m tired of being irritated and I’m going to vent.  And I’m not making any excuses for it.

My fellow human beings can truly be annoying.  My fellow human beings can be extremely disappointing.  My fellow human beings have the ability to irritate me, anger me, and make me want to throw up my hands in disgust and say, “That’s it.  I’m done with that.”

Why is it that when someone has done something oh, so very wrong, excuses are made for their behavior?  Pick one:

  • “He’s just a product of his poor upbringing.”
  • “She doesn’t know any better.”
  • “He has issues that make him feel uncomfortable.”
  • “She comes from a very disadvantaged family.”
  • “His problem is [insert whatever here].  That’s why he can’t control his behavior.”

You know what I hear when I hear these explanations?  Excuses.

So what is the excuse for someone to willingly prowl up and down a city street in the darkness to deliberately slash parked automobile tires for a Halloween “prank?”  This happened to oldest daughter’s car this week.  And the culprits, who will never be brought to justice, didn’t just slice one of her car tires but three and dozens of other cars were damaged as well.

What is the excuse for being completely disrespectful and defiant to someone trying to help you?  This happened to me somewhere this week, but I’m not able to share the details.

What is the excuse for stealing someone’s credit card number and running up huge purchases on that person’s card?  This happened to my middle daughter and a friend of ours.

What is the excuse for two teenage girls getting into an argument on a social media network which escalated into physically mauling one another?  This happened this week and was reported on the news.

What is the excuse for road rage?  Or harassment?  Or physical abuse?  Or theft?  Or murder?  Turn on your television, your computer or read your newspaper and more than likely, those things have happened in your neck of the woods this week.

There are no excuses.   We all make our own choices.  And we need to take responsibility for our actions.

I’m reminded of a movie from a few years ago, The Pursuit of Happyness, based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner.  According to his autobiography, Gardner’s childhood entailed poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse and family illiteracy. Even though he never knew his father, lived in foster homes from time to time, he was determined to not let his disadvantaged upbringing define who he was.  He knew that “in spite of where he came from, he could chart another path and attain whatever goals he set for himself.”

After a stint in the Navy, he found a job, married and had a child.  But his wife abandoned him and his son when their finances took a turn for the worse.  He ended up as a single dad, broke, with no job and homeless.

Did he make excuses for the turn his life took?  No.  He did what he had to do for his son and himself to survive even when that meant eating in soup kitchens and sleeping in public restrooms and worked hard to learn as much as he could about a profession he dreamed of entering.  He persevered until he landed his dream job as a broker without a college degree, limited experience and no connections.  And he didn’t blame his circumstances on excuses.

No excuses.  I like the sound of that.

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” ~ Benjamin Franklin



Mama of this empty nest, I’m content to live a quiet, country life with my husband of 40+ years and to view the gorgeous sunsets off my own back yard deck. Mama to three adults and Nana to adorable grandchildren, my empty nest fills up again with noise and laughter when they all return 'home'. A former English teacher, reporter/editor, education director for a non-profit organization, and stay at home mom, I retired after a season of substitute teaching at a private academy. Now I enjoy time spent with my grandchildren and family and writing words that seem to pour out of my soul or wandering around the countryside with my camera. Foremost, my faith sustains me as I meander through the empty nest stage of life. My favorite scripture is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

18 thoughts on “Tired of excuses

  1. I totally agree with you and won’t make excuses for myself but I do make excuses for other people. It seems to be more compassionate to try to understand bad behavior. Enough already!! Time for people to grow up and take responsibility. Great rant and timely too! I think we are all fed up with excuses these days.


    1. That’s exactly how I feel, Michele. It’s time for people to put on their big girl/big boy britches and own up to their responsibilities, be accountable for themselves, and stop depending on the world to give them everything they think they’re entitled to. I think most of us have had it with that kind of thinking!


  2. It’s all about the ego and pride that humans act like idiots. What are they gaining by beating up on each other? Are they really getting what they need? or only what they think they need (or want)?


  3. I’m pretty sure I have thought this whole blog out myself more than a few times. I get so frustrated with people and their excuses and their arrogance that my husband and I will just go off in frustration about a person cutting someone else off the road or someone not saying a simple “excuse me” in the store. It’s sad how rude people can be these days and the only thing that gets me past my frustration is when the Lord whispers to me that they need Him too. We have a bridge down the road from us where kids spray paint all the time no matter how much the city paints back over it and the message they are sending is so vile I won’t even mention what they said. It irks me beyond belief that I have to see such disgusting words when I am taking my baby girl to the park down the road. If it wasn’t for God keeping me in check, I may just tell some people what I think about them sometimes lol.


    1. Sharon, haven’t heard from you for so long. It was nice to read your comment. And yes, it’s a good thing God keeps me in check as well. 🙂 I keep telling myself that’s what’s wrong with all of the people who irritate and annoy me with their disrespect and rudeness….they all need Jesus.


      1. Yeah I’ve been a little off the radar the past couple of months but hopefully I will be back on again more often! I do enjoy reading your blogs though even when I don’t take the time to comment 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!!


  4. Hmmm…you and I are thinking similar thoughts this week. If you read my last post and click on “Lonely But Not Alone”, I have a thought or two about excuses. Good for you. Yes, I will even “like” this post.


  5. Amen!! I totally agree that people should be held responsible for their actions and not blame it on ‘whatever’. What annoys us in our area is when we’re watching the local news, and some young thug has murdered someone (or been murdered when he was out at a bar or nightclub at 3 AM). The family is all upset (why does the family have to be interviewed? We already figure they’re upset.) and their usual comment is: “he was a good boy. He was getting his life back together. He was a good father.”. Ummm….at a bar at 3 AM getting his life back together and being a good father????

    Sorry – can you tell that I relate to your post today?? Oh – and you can vent to us anytime!


    1. Thank you for commiserating with me! Same news here too. I think I just need to stop watching the news because I can hear and see enough bad stuff with my own eyes. I was a little apprehensive to even publish that blog, but I’m determined to tell it like it is. Some days you just gotta vent! Thanks for reading and understanding, Dianna. 🙂


  6. Boy — it sounds like you and yours have had a run of bad encounters lately! 😦 I hope things turn around for you very soon.

    Pursuit of Happyness is one of my favorite movies. It’s the perfect antidote to what you’ve been experiencing. I promise, there are good people in this world. And I know you’ll run into more of them soon!


    1. Yep, it’s been a week, that’s for sure. And I even forgot to mention that middle daughter had some unknown jerk person run up charges on her credit card! I just now added that to my post because a friend just told me this morning the same thing happened to her husband this week! P.S. I really like that movie too! 🙂


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