Take a walk with me

blogtaking a walkThirty-four years ago today, a young man, who was so nervous he was sweating buckets, took the hand of a young woman, who was equally just as anxious because her stomach was turning flip flops, and the two of them took a walk down a church aisle.

Thus began their journey into married life, a commitment they made to one another that day over three decades ago.  They’ve chosen to honor and stay faithful to that commitment through the years past and for the years to come.

Their journey together hasn’t been smooth sailing.  They’ve encountered hills to climb, valleys to stumble through, rivers to cross, even chasms to bridge.  Life is never perfect and that certainly includes married life.

Those two commenced a life with white lace and promises and then ventured west into the sunset to live happily ever after.  They made their way alone without family nearby then faced an overwhelming challenge of being apart for an entire year while the young man served his country in a foreign land.

Their trek together has taken them to different areas of the country with twists and turns here and there.  Along the way, they’ve made adjustments, had their fair share of quarrels and disagreements, experienced disappointment, uncertainty, and even fear together.   But their love for one another endured on the journey producing great joy and building up of faith in the God they serve.

They’ve been blessed with three amazing children and continue to cherish the privilege of being parents.  They’ve watched those three grow, mature and, in the blink of an eye, become adults.  And now from a different perspective, they watch their children, in adult bodies with mature minds and spirits, find mates of their own.  Soon this couple will occupy a front row pew and witness another young couple in love, middle daughter and fiancé, take a walk down the church aisle.  It appears their other children will also take that walk in the near future.

This man and his wife find themselves amazed and a little dumbfounded that they’ve arrived at this season in life so soon.  They watched with heartache as their own parents grew elderly, succumbed to illnesses, and passed from this life.   And now, with a bit of sadness, they realize they have become the older generation.  However, there is still much love and joy to anticipate when their family expands with husbands for their daughters, a wife for their son, and hopefully a bevy of grandchildren.

The joy after all is in the journey.  And so they clasp hands once more, grateful for 34 years past and hopeful for more to come.

That couple is my husband and me.  Happy 34th Anniversary to my beloved, who stands by my side and yet always has my back,  picks me up when I’m down,  takes care of me in sickness and in health, and loves me no matter what.   Take my hand, my husband, and walk with me as we journey into the future on this first page in Chapter 10 of my book called Opportunity.

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10 responses

  1. If I could see the page through my tears, I would write something coherent. At the moment though, I will just say this is a beautiful tribute to the dedication of those 34 years that both of you walked together and side by side. There really is something to be said for “sticking it out and sticking together”. You two are very blessed to see that it does go so very quickly, but at least you were able to see it together. Something to cherish…Just wonderful!


    • It warms my heart to find my words move another person in such a way. Thank you, Michele, for letting me know and also thanks for reminding me to cherish what my husband and I have been given. Those 34 years of marriage haven’t all been blissful, but we promised one another we would stick it out through good times and bad. I have a feeling, now that we’re in the empty nest, we’re going to see some more of those good times. That’s always been my prayer, for my husband and I to grow old together just as our parents did.


  2. Hope you had a blessed anniversary day….and love that man of yours like my brother…I’m praying for many more memorable anniversaries for you two. Love you both!!

    Big Sis.


  3. Lovely, lovely tribute. Happy Anniversary!
    My husband and I also married in ’77.
    We have raised two daughters…and now, a grandson. Where did the time go? And we look forward to more. Enjoy that wedding coming up!


    • Funny, isn’t it, how we think we are SO much in love when we’re young and first get married. But I think we only figure out what love really is as we get older. [okay, read ‘mature’ here! 😉 ] I believe after 34 years of marriage, I finally understand what love really is.


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