Labor of love

Meet Cutehead

Meet Cutehead

You may have noticed Mama’s been mum again lately.  This mama’s been too busy to blog, bogged down with a bevy of tasks. 

Baffled by bedrooms, I’ve bandied items around the basement, and now that I’ve burst through the barricade, I’m happy to report I’m breathing easy again.

Usually here at the empty nest, there’s not much astir.  But just as surely as the cool wind and rain brought a change to the season – temps drastically dropped down the thermometer from 90’s to 60’s today! – change arrives soon at the nest too.

Oldest daughter is moving back to the homeland from that place down south.  She’s commencing a new chapter with a new job in the city near us.  And can I just say that I am ecstatic that she will be nearby once again?  Until she gets situated though, daughter will move in temporarily with the ‘rents.

So you know what that means?  Mama and Papa have been shoving and pushing and cleaning and purging to make room for daughter’s kit and caboodle.   First we tackled the basement to make room for storage of some furniture – didn’t we just do that not so long ago? Click  I Declare War if you missed that one.

Next project was oldest daughter’s bedroom.   Along with the empty nest syndrome, parents of certain age fall victim to another malady called SOE (Spread Out Everywhere).   Since that room possessed a somewhat empty closet (well, don’t look on the top shelves at the Barbies, books, and Girl Scout mementos), Papa and Mama took over the closet space with extra clothes, extra pillows, mementoes and pictures…and stuff.

That situation required remedy since daughter needs closet space while she stays here.  Solution?  Just move everything over to other daughter’s closet….no wait…can’t do that, there’s a wedding gown, wedding decorations, and a miscellany of other items belonging to middle daughter there.

No problem.  Let’s just open up son’s closet….oh dear.  Why does that young man have so many items of clothing still hanging in here?  Not to mention, shoes, backpacks, 9th grade framed artwork from an art show, AND Papa’s suits (SOE, I tell ya!).   Pushing and shoving and squeezing uncovered enough room to transfer some items over there.

Time to address the chest of drawers.  Good grief, each of the five drawers is full of extra sheet sets, blankets, etc.   Now to where shall we divert this stuff?

All of this labor finally completed on Labor Day (Chapter 9, Page 5, in my Opportunity book) uncovered a plethora of paraphernalia and pleasant memories:

  • 16 gowns including bridesmaids’ dresses from weddings past, Christmas dance formals, Prom finery, and one 34-year-old wedding gown (that one is mine).
  • 6 high school and college graduation gowns.
  • Assorted college textbooks.
  • 3 high school letter jackets still adorned with pins for each sport (track, cross country, soccer, and basketball) and year won.
  • Stuffed animals with special significance (Rocky 2, Cutehead – that’s him grinning in the picture – and various other friends).
  • 1 lonely pair of Eeyore slippers strangely out of place next to the pairs of glittery, spike heels from aforementioned formal events.
  • 1 Science of Scent perfumery set (oldest daughter wanted to be a scientist from early age).
  • Childhood books galore, Barbies, and an array of special dolls.
  • Keepsake gifts given to our three as babies.

So what do we do with it all?  For now, it’s crammed into whatever space we could find and waiting – just as it has for years – to be surveyed, sorted, saved, or shed by its owners, our three adult children.

But that labor of love will remain for another day.



14 responses

  1. Congratulations on making any headway that you may have accomplished. It’s a huge task, isn’t it?
    Every time daughter #2 comes to visit, we send her home with more stuff just so we know it’s not here. Since they drive a sedan, and Xena the Queen dog occupies the back seat of the car, what ever luggage they may have in the trunk (which could include golf clubs) of course, there’s little to no room to help us unload. And with daughter #1 in CA, well, she’ll just have to see what’s left. “Out of sight out of mind” I say.
    Sometimes I pledge that I will just take a box of stuff a week to the donation center…sounds like a plan,huh?…one box a week over a few months should rightfully clear the place out…but alas, it’s not happening fast enough. Maybe just maybe we can put this house that we have occupied for 25+ years up for sale in January. I feel ya here.


    • Thanks! We made as much headway as we could. I’m looking forward to sending that stuff home with all of our kids when they finally get settled, but from the sounds of what you’re experiencing, that doesn’t happen too quickly! We regularly clean out and send stuff to donation centers, but still too much remains. Of course, the longer you live in a house, the more you accumulate, so you’re about 14+ years ahead of me. 😉 You’re thinking of selling? Downsizing or moving? Oh, Happy Labor of love Day to you too!


  2. Mama – I’m going through the same thing this weekend, but at this moment, I just can’t figure out where to put everything and I feel like I’m drowning in “stuff” and laundry and electronics and guitars, amplifiers, and junk. It is amazing how much stuff they accumulate in three years away from home. Having a 6′ guy around the house taking up space is also a challenge – and did I mention that 80 pounds Golden Retriever? I’m looking for the “love” this labor day to get me through! Bless you!


  3. I’m trying to figure out the stuffed animal in the picture. It looks like a mixed breed Furbie? I understand the lack of blogging. Cleaning and moving takes precendence over writing. Summer is winding down and it’s time to get indoors again.


    • I do believe that strange and large stuffed animal is a gremlin. Its name is Cutehead and it belongs to oldest daughter! I forgot he was in the closet, stuffed into a corner until I pulled out a bunch of stuff in front of me and there his eyes were. Kinda creepy in a way. 😀


  4. How exciting to be near your girl again! And I hear ya about the cleaning. I remember you and your husband doing that major clean-up before! We’ve been doing the same thing. I promised myself if I took one item into the attic, I’d bring one down to donate away…but I forget. In the attic I have one corner piled teetering full of my son’s stuff and another with my daughter’s. When she gets a big enough place I’m shipping it all out baby!


    • I knew you’d remember!! We’ve commiserated on this subject before. At least you’re getting it up to the attic, I’m impressed. I think our new motto should be “Ship, baby, ship!” Good luck with that. Any signs of that happening soon?? 😉


  5. So happy for you that you will have your daughter living in a nearby city! As for making the house comfortable for her temporary move, don’t make it TOO comfortable or the temporary may not be temporary enough! Maybe you should rethink giving her closet space? LOL!


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