Just call me pickle face

blogIMG_3851“Don’t be a pickle face,” my Mom used to advise me.  In other words, stop looking like a sour puss.  You know, get that grumpy look off your face.  Cheer up, better days ahead and all that.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of President Teddy Roosevelt apparently was speaking of Calvin Coolidge when she quipped, “He looks as though he’s been weaned on a pickle.”   And she must have thought he looked downright sour.

Due to the massive sauna-like conditions that a good portion of our country is ensconced in right now, I imagine there are a lot of pickle faces out there, mine included.  I do not deal with heat very well and with temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, adding in 95% humidity, I’ve been feeling and looking quite disagreeable.  So just call me pickle face, I don’t care.

Despite the over-heated oven outside, cucumber plants in hubby’s garden are prolifically producing.   So all of a sudden, I’m surrounded by pickles.  Seriously, they’ve infiltrated a shelf in the refrigerator and they’re threatening to take over.  So it’s time to take the cucumber by the…ok, just take the cucumber….slice, mix up some brine, add spices and dill, and cram them into canning jars.  Hubby and I found a quick and easy recipe for refrigerator pickles that we’re going to try this weekend.

In the meantime, I’m attempting to wipe that pickled look off my face, really I am.   Yes, the heat and humidity make me cranky, but I’m so very thankful for central air conditioning and iced tea.  Since pickling is considered a process by which food is preserved, I guess my cool house and glass full of ice cubes actually do pickle me because they sure are preserving my body and my sanity!

Without them, I truly would be in a pickle, a sticky (no pun intended!) situation so to speak.  Lately, I’ve complained to hubby (and anyone else that would listen) that I’m caught in a predicament – just like the baseball term that’s used for a rundown between bases – between a rock and a hard place.   So adding to my grumpiness over the heat wave is my crankiness over my dilemma.

And before I turn really sour, I need to just get over it!   Get my lethargic self up and shake it off.  Maybe I need to go play a game of pickleball, something I vaguely remembering my kids playing in PE classes in their elementary school in the Pacific Northwest.

Nah, playing pickleball there you only got wet from the misty rain when you ventured outdoors, not from drippy humidity and sweat.   Ah, the Pacific Northwest….thoughts of cool summers and rain…..low humidity if any…..and pickled asparagus (something I cannot find in stores here).

Today, Chapter 7, Page 22, in my Opportunity book, while I marinate in humidity, soak in my quandary, and preserve my fond memories of life once lived in a cooler part of the country, I feel better already!

Pickles, anyone?



8 responses

  1. Yes, but look at it this way, pickles have more to preserve them, pickles last longer than cucumbers, pickles are used in a variety of ways to garnish or deep fry or just relish. (Ha Ha, pun intended) God is transforming you from a cucumber to a pickle. Hmmmm, now what kind of pickle will you become? Bread and Butter. Dill. Kosher? Sweet pickle sounds good to me. 🙂


    • Ha!! I’ve done nothing but dilly dally. We had a violent storm come through — wind, torrents of rain, lightning, thunder, the works! And we lost our power for about 21 hours, (it just came back on), which meant no air conditioning and no cooking, so no canning either!


  2. I love pickled watermelon rinds, jalapeños, okra, tomatoes, squash.
    I’m with you, the heat and humidity is not necessary. Here, along the Gulf coast we had rain twice this week. We’ve had a severe drought. It rained once in June and before that in January. Folks blissfully turned on their windshield wipers and carried an umbrella…and the lugustrum leaves finally perked up. Do you have rain in the forecast to cool things down?


    • I feel for you all down there with the horrible drought you’re having. Our rain has been slim and our grass is brown. We had a bad storm yesterday with some rain, but it was too much too fast and just ran off instead of really soaking it like we needed. The storm blew in, knocked the temps down 30 degrees from 100 to 70, but today it’s back up to the high 90’s. On top of that, we lost our power for over 20 hrs – trees down everywhere on power lines and locally there were some transformers on fire (must have been lightning, it was ferocious). Oh, how I missed the a/c and I’m happy it’s back on!!! 🙂


  3. I actually used to love pickles. My mom said I used to sneak in the kitchen just to eat pickles and cucumbers. I’ve long since lost my taste for pickles in that quantity, but they’re alright. We’re in the process of moving, and the other day we sold our refrigerator. We were cleaning it out and found three jars of pickles that had all been opened but none of them even close to being finished, but we didn’t have any place to put three jars and nobody wanted pickles. We had to throw them away…We wanted to give them to some friends but they were without power so to put anything more in their fridge was unnecessary…and they were already being pickle-faces, like everyone else these days because of the heat and power-outages.
    Great post! Take care!


    • Sorry you didn’t have any takers for your extra pickles! 😀 Yep, this heat wave and power outages are turning lots of us into pickle faces. After being without power here, I’m trying oh so very hard not to complain. I am so thankful that God gave someone the ability to create air conditioning and that our power company workers are on the job (in the heat with little sleep I imagine ) to fix our outages. Bless them!


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