Not your typical day

blog036It starts as a typical day off work.

Crawl out of bed.  Perform usual morning tasks which include looking out the window to find a dreary, rainy and chilly day greeting you.

Gather up laundry.  Eat breakfast enjoying that first hot, soothing cup of tea.

Tell husband about the crazy dreams you had.  Laugh out loud at his reaction.

Throw first load of laundry in the washing machine.  Think about what household chores need to be accomplished.  Decide they can wait and power up the laptop.  Log into Facebook.   Read updates on your friends and relatives near and far.

Decide to check blog and perhaps write a short post for today.   Click on WordPress.  Stare at WordPress home page.   Blink.  Stare again at home page.  Blink… blink… blink.

Gasp out loud.  Mind begins rapid-fire monologue.  What?!?!  Is that real?  Do you honestly see what you think you see?  Could it be?

On the Freshly Pressed home page for there sits a picture that looks exactly like the one you used in yesterday’s post.  Blink again.

The upper-right corner of the page boasts the freshly pressed post entitled,  “When nature shows no mercy” by Mama’s Empty Nest.  That’s you!!  Sit back in your chair and let the shock sink in.

Blink again and again.  Stare intently at your computer screen to make sure your eyes are not playing tricks on you.   Nope, still there.  You’ve just been freshly pressed for all WordPress bloggers to see!

Yell at husband to come look as you incredulously explain, “I think I’ve been freshly pressed.”  He grins at you and says, “Wow!  That’s great!”   You grin back and stare again at the screen with him.  Shock.  Total shock.

blog019Hubby grabs your cell phone and texts your three adult children: “Your Mom has made the big time on WordPress!  Her blog from yesterday was posted on freshly pressed on the front page.  This made her day.  You should take a look and congratulate her.  Love, Dad.”

You finally come out of your shock stupor to actually log into your blog.  And there you see proof that it’s true.  Your site stats have soared to heights never seen before.   Fellow bloggers are leaving comments for you.  In the blogging world, it’s an exciting day.

Friends write congratulations on your Facebook wall.  Your children respond with messages and phone calls.  They’re proud of their mama.  They tell you again what an awesome writer you are.  (Of course they believe that, they’re your offspring!)

Oldest daughter tells you “Mom, you’re going to be a famous blogger!”

And your reply is “Ha! Only for one day!”

And that’s the truth.  When the fervor dies down,  the site stats will return to the normal range.  Your 15 minutes of fame will be over.

For what it’s worth, you’re relishing the ride on these last few pages in Chapter 4 of your book called Opportunity.   But more than that, you hope and pray lives were touched by what you write, which always comes from God placing thoughts in both your heart and mind.

Thank you WordPress and all you fellow bloggers and readers out there.   Thanks to you, it’s been a thrilling roller coaster of a ride!



12 responses

  1. You being freshly pressed is the reason I clicked on your blog! I didn’t realize what freshly pressed meant but now I do! Congrats!


    • Thank you so much!! The freshly pressed thing was such a shock to me, but I’m really enjoying hearing from so many other bloggers and also checking out other people’s sites. I really like yours! I’ll keep checking in on you and can’t wait to hear how God is going to bless you as you pursue your dreams. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on being ‘freshly pressed’ – always a dream of mine haha! Found your blog by clicking on it, I like it! and have subscribed!


  3. Congratulations ! being “Freshly Pressed” brought your blog front and center in my eyes also – an invitation to subscribe that I accepted without hesitation.

    God wanted your words of wisdom front and center, WordPress “Freshly” obliged and now so many others are able to benefit. So although your fame seemed short . . . it’s actually just rolling off the press.

    Definitely ! enjoy your fame. You deserve it ! forget the laundry, spike the coffee. Not every day is “not your typical day” in a good way so celebrate – I’ll join you.

    Enjoy your fame. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your blog and your invitation from God !



    • Christine, thank you so very much! I am enjoying my “15 minutes” – glad you could join me! And I most definitely give credit to God because He plants ideas, words and even pictures for my blog in my heart and mind. I’m excited that you feel my blog is worth subscribing to. I look forward to all of these new friendships.


    • Thank you for your kind compliment! Keep working at your blog, and you’ll find it comes easier as you go along. One of the things I do is keep a notebook handy and whenever I get an idea about something I want to write about, I jot it down with two or three thoughts. Then later, when I find the time to write, I’m not just staring at a blank computer screen, I have some ideas to pick from my notebook. That helps me a lot (of course, I’m also sometimes forgetful, so keeping ideas written down really works for me!).


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