Excuses and sticker shock

pexels-photo-669986.jpegMama’s Empty Nest has been absent the last few days.

How many days can you miss posting on your blog before you are considered a truant?

Does WordPress or your readers send a truant officer out after you to see what’s going on and haul your sorry self back to cyberland?

I don’t have a doctor’s excuse because I haven’t been sick.  I can’t get my mom to write an excuse for me either because she and my dad are up in heaven where you don’t need excuses for anything.  I can’t even claim my cat ate my homework.

I’m sincerely hoping I haven’t lost my readers due to my absence.  From my site stats, it looks like few (emphasis on few) people are even checking my blog to see if I’ve written a new post.  So I am a little concerned that some readers have drifted away while I was otherwise preoccupied.

So what’s my reason for so much inactivity on my blog?

Well….I could just say I’ve been busy.  (But that’s a little evasive.)

I could say Easter preparations occupied my time.  (But that’s untrue.)  Only one bird came back to the nest for the holiday;  we had a very simple meal and I didn’t even unpack the Easter decorations, let alone put them out for display.

I could say I don’t have any interesting ideas to write about.  (Not true either, since there are lots of unwritten blog posts swirling around in my head.)

I could say I’ve been unmotivated to write.  (There might be a smidgen of truth to that one.)

Or I could say my laptop has been acting up. (Again untrue.)  It’s been fired up and surfing jauntily all over the net while it rests on my lap and attracts my attention more than ever before.

So I might as well just ‘fess up.  There’s actually a good reason for my blog inactivity.  Another past time has garnered my full attention in my non-working hours.  Middle daughter was home for the entire Easter weekend and we were doing a full press….on wedding planning!

ring-wedding-detail-38522.jpegAnd at this point, let me just declare that I am still not over the sticker shock of the cost of weddings.

So on this 26th page of Chapter 4 in my book of Opportunity, I’m looking fervently for opportunities for Mama and Papa to give dear daughter a beautiful but cost-efficient wedding of her dreams.  I’ll keep you posted on that seemingly impossible task.

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10 responses

  1. I know it is possible to put on a beautiful wedding on a budget. I went to one in October of Last year (Elsiephoebe’s oldest daughter’s wedding). Quite lovely! Looking forward to to hearing how the Lord works these plans out for you! 🙂


    • Thanks, sweet friend! I’d watch Father of the Bride (both the old and the newer version)again for sure. But I’ll have to watch it in secret because hubby is already having heart palpitations over the budget. We just need to make sure we don’t have a wedding coordinator like “Franc!” 😀


  2. The things we enjoyed most at Liz’s wedding were free. The daisies in the windows (not free, but cheap), the antique car, the church decorations (door wreaths), the programs. We joked about getting a corporate sponsor for shrimp appetizers, but none stepped forward.


  3. Oh dear, is this something I have to look forward to?
    Nope, it’s something that we can see the hand of the Father in. 🙂 Watch and see what He’s going to do for you. How fun.


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