Mama goes crazy, but not THAT crazy!

pexels-photo-804721.pngToday my daughters thought their Mom had finally gone dotty.

Chalk it up to the looong winter weather, the lack of color in my world, or the lack of excitement in my hum-dum empty nest Mama life, I don’t know, but I did go a little crazy today.   Let me explain.

I had a hair appointment for a cut and color with my sweet and vibrant hairdresser.  She’s a 20-something around the same age as my daughters, knows my entire family, and we enjoy chatting as she snips away at my overgrown hair.

She and her husband have the most adorable nine month old baby boy and I get to hear his latest accomplishments (he took his first step the other day!).

On my way to the appointment, I was thinking about how I needed a change….somewhere…somehow.  So I thought, well, I could change my hair.  I’ve been known to grow weary of the same old, same old when it comes to hair styles, and I’ve had the same “do” for a couple of years now.

My hairdresser was a little surprised when I cautiously told her that I thought I was due for a change.  We discussed some options and she got very excited!  When my gal turned my chair around to the mirror, she was anxious to see my reaction.

And I liked it!  I really liked it!  It was bouncy and just a little sassy for a change.  So I came home with my usual color, but a few caramel highlights interspersed here and there and a shorter and slightly altered style.

Then I did what any 50-something bored empty nest Mama would do when she is thrilled about a new look for herself.  I took a picture by cell phone of my new hair and picture messaged it to my two daughters.  A flurry of text messages ensued.   The following are the actual messages with my thoughts noted in (italic parenthesis):

Me:  What do you think of my new hair? (They are going to be so surprised!)

Oldest Daughter: Is it…..purple?!?  (Mother, are you insane?)

Middle Daughter:  Um..what color is that? (Before I declare you crazy, I’ll just check to make sure first.)

Me to Oldest Daughter:  Purple?!?!?? Heck no!!!  (What?  Do they think I finally went over the edge?)

Me to Middle Daughter:  Your sister thought it was purple!! It is definitely NOT.  It’s actually the same color as always but with caramel highlights and a little different cut.   (Seriously, now why would they think I dyed my hair purple??)

Oldest Daughter:  Ha ha ha, the picture makes it look purple!!  As long as it’s not purple, I like it! (So, if mom dyed her hair purple, oldest daughter would obviously disapprove!)

Me to Oldest Daughter:  No, it’s definitely not purple!! Caramel highlights and cut a little differently.

Middle Daughter:  It totally looks purple in the picture. I’m sure it looks so much better in person.  (Middle Daughter is ever the peace-maker, the mediator.)

Me to both girls:  (Sending another picture – a close up) This better?

Oldest Daughter: (after viewing the latest picture message)  It looks good, I like it.   (Only because it’s not purple!) Yep, definitely less purple in that pic, haha.  (Oh, see Mom, I’m laughing…it was just a joke. I don’t really think you’re nuts!)

Middle Daughter: Yes.  Very nice.  What made you decide to do that? (Code for “Mother, even though your hair is not purple, have you lost your mind?”)

So on this seventh page of Chapter 4 in my book of Opportunity, I can admit that I’m a little bit happy with my new look and amused a lot at my daughters’ responses.

Ha-ha, girls, you didn’t think your old empty nest Mama could still pull off a few surprises, did you?  Wonder what I would look like with purple hair??



4 responses

  1. Don’t you just love getting a new ‘do’? Makes you feel like a spring chicken again. Can’t wait for your unveiling,I like short and sassy.


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