And I’m not fooling

blogkiteI hope you won’t be offended but I really want to tell you to “go fly a kite!”

No, really, I mean it.  And this isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.

Usually when someone tells you to go fly a kite, he means “get away from me.”

Leave me alone!  Scram!  Get outta here!  Go jump in the lake!  Beat it!  Or my personal favorite – go smack yourself silly!

So naturally, I don’t mean any of that because I love my readers, really I do.  I’d love it more if you commented and let me know you were here reading and enjoying (or not) my blog, but regardless, I feel the love when I view my site statistics.

So I literally mean go fly a kite!  All month if you’d like.  You see, I turned over a new chapter and page in  that  book of Opportunity this month, Chapter 4, Page 1.  It’s April and this month just so happens to be “Go Fly a Kite Month.”  Really!

I wouldn’t make these things up.  As it turns out, kites have always fascinated me.  When I was a little girl, every spring I tried making my own kites out of paper, sticks and string.  I’d run outside on a windy day and expect my kite to suddenly take flight and soar like a bird.   And it never did!

Apparently, I didn’t understand the aerodynamics of kites because my homemade ones wouldn’t lift off the ground.  No matter how hard I ran around the yard holding onto my string, the kite just followed me on the ground like a lost puppy.

My mother would sometimes let me purchase a store-bought kite from the five and dime store.  I felt certain those flimsy pieces of plastic cut into the perfect diamond shape would take wing like a bird.  Alas, those kites never were inspired to much flight either.

After a while, I abandoned kite flying and left it to the grumpy old dad who finally realized he was missing out on fun with his children in the movie, Mary Poppins.   I watched that film in the movie theater way back in 1964, when it was released, and wondered why my kites never flew like those in the movie.  Probably because I didn’t have a nanny named Mary Poppins!  Heck, I never even had a nanny!

Years later, I became a mother with three children and on a whim one day, I bought a kite for them.  One gusty day in April, we assembled the kite and attempted to fly it in our Midwestern back yard.

I watched my children flit around the lawn, and I was still skeptical that a kite would actually fly.  Suddenly, it ascended into the sky and swerved and darted with each blast of air as my kids giggled with delight and I marveled.  I think I was as happy about it as they were!

Fast forward a couple of years.  Our family had recently moved to the Pacific Northwest and we drove to the coast (FYI for you eastern folks, we go to the “beach” here but in the Northwest, it’s the “coast.”) for a day of sightseeing and fun.

Driving through one of the coastal towns, we decided to stop and venture out onto the beach where a kite-flying contest was in progress.   Our eyes just about bugged out of their sockets.  What a sight!  There were huge kites, box kites, kites of every description floating and flying, soaring and swerving.

Eventually on one of our coastal trips, we visited a kite shop and bought ourselves a modest kite.  That kite fluttered and glided in ocean breezes in both Oregon and Washington giving us much delight as we took turns guiding it.   Even after we moved back to the home land, our youngest sometimes flew our kite.  But then he grew up and the kite lost its appeal.

You know what?  I’m pretty sure that somewhere out in the garage, that kite sits on a shelf unused and dusty.  You already know I live in a wind tunnel.  [If you missed that post, read  stirred-but-not-shaken]

So good grief, there’s plenty of gusty breezes at my house.  I’m thinking it might just be a good day for flying a kite! Oh wait, it’s snowing outside and that’s no April Fool’s.   Oh well, I have the entire month of April to go fly a kite.  Want to join me?


6 responses

  1. Wow’! That must have been some strong wind to pull on the kite like that!
    We are doing fine. The same ol same ol plus
    taxes. (shhhh). We are a bit behind I’m afraid. But we’ll get through it as always! Been sick this week too! It’s been awhile since I’ve been sick. I’d almost forgotten how miserable it can be. Keeps one humble and very thankful and I think I would add more compassionate too! :). Hope things are well with you and yours.


  2. I love to see the giant wind socks and kites that fly over here on the Pacific Coast in Lincoln City. It’s where we spent our honeymoon and we had one of those giant rainbow wind socks flying outside our window! The weather was lovely as well. My kids all love to fly kites too… they have one of those trick kites. When the boys and Dad all go to men’s retreat they fly the “man” kites that can literally drag you down the beach if the wind is too high (it was one year and yep a couple of MEN got dragged down the beach) but it made for some fairly funny photos. 🙂


    • Oh, it was a joy to see I had a comment from “Just Me!” Been missing you, girl! Everybody ok over there on your side of the country?? I know the gusts are strong on the coast. I remember getting my hand cut from our kite string because the wind was taking the kite up higher and higher and I was trying to hold on for dear life!! 😀


  3. They hold a kite festival out here in May. One year we went and it was so awesome. The played the Star Spangled Banner while lifting up a massive star kite. I cried like a baby.
    Sorry about the snow!! How rude!!


    • Sounds totally awesome! The Star Spangled Banner makes me choke up even without seeing something like that, so yeah, I’d be bawling like a baby right along with ya! Yeah, snow…RUDE. Thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke, nope! It’s 34 degrees right now and still spitting snow. I’ve always liked winter, but I am over the top tired of it right now! 😦


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