If life’s a game of monopoly, I want to be the shoe

blogIMG_1348What is life?  That’s The $64,000 Question.

Edwin Arlington Robinson said, “Life is the game that must be played.”

So if that’s true, then here’s how I see it.

First in the game of Life, a certain Sequence is followed, and lo and behold, we are born!  We spend some time in the Cribbage, thinking we have quite the Monopoly because the world appears to revolve around our little selves.

Just about the time we believe life is a proverbial Candy Land,  we are sent off to school where some of us finally start using our Cranium and some of us just think the whole idea is Balderdash.  Usually those of us who think school is just a Pit end up getting in Trouble more often than not.

But if you separate yourself from the rest of the Barrel of Monkeys, you might find you Go to the Head of the Class. Instead of being Sorry that you didn’t have a Clue what to do with yourself, those who do well in school can climb up Chutes and Ladders of success.

Realizing studying is not just Trivial Pursuit, we venture out in search of jobs that will give us a good Pay Day.  Some of us spin the Wheel of Fortune.   We buy a car, a house, and other stuff just because The Price Is Right.

After a while, we get weary of being Uno and aren’t crazy about ending up as an Old Maid so we take the Risk of finding our soul mate to marry.  For some people, searching for a spouse in the Dating Game may feel like Go Fish, for others it might seem like a Mouse Trap, but when you find the right person, you won’t even Flinch.

A perfect Match Game has been found and you’re off to the Newlywed Game.  Married life is quite an Operation.  At times if feels like Battleship, and you may Scrabble often with each other.   But after a time, you and your spouse will see things like Apples to Apples.

Children are added to the mix and you may become a family of Connect Four or even Crazy Eights.   Sometimes life seems like a great big Family Feud.  At times you think you’re going Bunco, but at other times, life seems near Perfection. Often as your kids are growing up, your life is like Twister, so busy and mixed up, but before you know it, they become adults, move out and your family becomes Scattergories.

At this point, you have the time to ponder and Imaginiff your life were different.  You’ve worked hard and you’ve loved even harder and all of a sudden that Taboo thought comes into your head – you’re getting old!

At some point you’re going to reach Phase 10, and when you do, Your Number’s Up.

“You play the hand you’re dealt with.  I think the game’s worthwhile.” ~ C.S. Lewis

And you believe that’s true, the game of life is definitely worth the effort,  you wouldn’t Skip-Bo any of it!

©2011 mamasemptynest.wordpress.com

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