Waiting for spring


Zapped crocus

The sun shines brightly, but oh, the bitterly cold wind nips at my ears and bites through my jacket making me shiver and pull up my hood!

Frost sparkled across our yard this morning when, shortly after awakening, I peered out my window for a “look see” at the day.

That frost zapped my lovely yellow, purple and white crocuses and now they’ve wilted and seem to have the saddest look to them.


View out my window

Today I would have to agree.  We’re very close to flipping over the calendar to April, but at 20 degrees this morning, it still feels like winter.

The scene outside my kitchen window unfolds in all its brownness.  Drab, depressing, lifeless brown.

I step out onto my deck to snap a few photos, pull my winter jacket tight around me and brace for the cold even though I can feel the contradictory warmth of the sun shining on my face.

Transition to green

Transition to green

And that’s when I notice not all is clothed in hues of tan and russet.   Shades of green make themselves visible in my yard.

There’s a slow transition working its way through our lawn as the grass commences to green up.

I glance at the flower bed adjacent to the deck.  The plants that burst forth into bold color throughout spring and summer and long into fall now appear as dead as can be.

But then I observe bright spots of greenery poking through the cold, hard ground.   The plants are slowly coming back to life.

blog012Out front, I mourn the loss of the crocuses but note the daffodils have pushed their way above the surface and there….my favorite hyacinths are gradually beginning their journey upwards.

Color, glorious color, patiently waits to unveil itself and I also must be patient to wait for it.  Because spring will come.  The flock of red-breasted robins scouring the yard for tasty worms tells me so.  One season does follow another and spring’s time is near.

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” ~ Virgil A. Kraft

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    • Sometimes we see deer. We see lots of other critters too – groundhogs, turkey, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and a few times I’ve seen a red fox. Once we saw a turtle meandering his way onto our driveway. Don’t have a clue where he came from and we’ve never seen any more since.


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