The good, the bad and the yummy

people-woman-coffee-meeting.jpgI thought perhaps opportunity really was knocking at my door today on Page 24, Chapter 3, in my book of Opportunity.

Turns out the opportunity I thought I might find didn’t materialize, but another one appeared in its place.

The long and short of it can be described in three ways:

  • The Good: I got to spend the entire day with three of my favorite co-workers at a job related meeting in the city.  It was fun traveling with them and we had a great idea for lunch at a restaurant two of us had never eaten at before.   There were some great snacks at the meeting including the roasted red pepper hummus with pita chips and fresh strawberries we brought.
  • The Bad:   For me, the meeting was a bust.  I thought I would learn something new and different there that I could use in my work, something to jazz things up a little or at least a new resource.  But no, that opportunity did not happen.  It was just business as usual, nothing to get excited about or even want to take home.    Plus sitting on a folding chair for a good three hours without a break made me squirm uncomfortably in my seat while my back let me know it was not a happy camper!
  • The Yummy:  Even though we saw the eatery we wanted to visit, and drove right past it, parking in that area of the city is at a premium.  We couldn’t find a place to park and ended up on a route taking us out of the city – the wrong way.  But we stopped at a familiar place that serves sandwiches famous to our city.  I don’t know if it was because it was so late in the afternoon and I was starving or whether the sandwich was just that good, but I ate the entire thing! Usually, I take half of it home to eat at a later time.

Two out of three.  Not bad.  The opportunity to spend the day with friends and a yummy lunch to boot – priceless.



5 responses

  1. Why wasn’t I called and informed about you being in the city?! Hello, I live here and could have joined you for lunch. Shame on you mother.


  2. love the above comment 🙂

    Getting out and about is a fun change of pace. You always feel so much better afterwards. (As long as someone else drives! Hate city traffic.)


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