Not so fast, Pooh!

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Winnie the Pooh had it all wrong.

At least when it comes to rivers in late winter/early spring, that willy nilly silly ol’ bear didn’t know what he was talking about when he said, “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

In his lovely little world, he never watched river water rushing swiftly downstream, creeping up its banks and swelling over its brim, in a frenzied hurry like there’s no tomorrow.

A flood watch has been issued for my neck of the woods.  The overabundance of rainy, sleety, snowy weather combined with the melted snow pack draining its way into the rivers and creeks is to blame.  With the ground saturated, streams of rushing water are showing up everywhere, even at the edge of our property behind our house.  (Don’t worry, we do not live in a flood plain and we live at the top of the hill not the bottom.)

My travels this week led me into my hometown every day and, you guessed it, a river runs through it.  As I drive through snowy, sleety, rainy weather along the street closest to our river, I glance warily at the rapid rate it’s traveling and how it hungrily laps at our waterfront park, climbing steadily up the steps of the amphitheater.  Its current is so swift I’ve seen white caps of water.  That river makes me a little nervous because you know the old question:  What runs but never gets tired?  A river.

So driving past our normally tranquil body of water that’s morphed into a wild wave water park, my mind instantly dials up a song, “Ol’ Man River” from the musical Show Boat.  And as I’m singing this tune, I suddenly realize who lurks behind this evil plot to change our serene, soothing river into this raging maniac.  Ol’ Man Winter, that’s who!

So with apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II, who wrote the lyrics to “Ol’ Man River,” here’s my version of the song placing the onus on the real culprit behind the river rising.

Ol’ man Winter,

Dat ol’ man Winter,

He jus’ keeps blowin’

And keeps on snowin’

He jus’ keeps rollin’

He keeps on rollin’ along.

Ol’ man Winter,

Dat ol’ man Winter

He mus’ know sumpin’

But don’t say nuthin’,

He jus’ keeps dumpin’

He keeps on dumpin’  along.

He don’t bring sunshine,

He don’t bring flowers,

His snow keeps droppin’

Til warmth’s forgotten,

But ol’ man Winter,

He jus’ keeps rollin’ along.

You an’ me, we shiver an’ freeze,

Body all achin’ an’ racked wid sneeze,

Tote dat bag o’ salt!

To your shovel make a switch!

Slide a little bit

An’ you land in a ditch!

Ah gits weary

An’ sick of tryin’

Ah’m tired of bleakness,

An’ I’m not lyin’,

But ol’ man Winter,

He jus’ keeps rollin’ along.


4 responses

  1. Oh no! I’ve been gone and am just now catching up with your news! I so feel your pain, and am thankful that you don’t live in a flood plain and that you are on the top of a hill, as are we! I hope you’re okay! Sad to see that flooding is so much more common nowadays.
    These are some old posts:


    • Thought you might be gone. Glad you’re back! We’re fine, our ol’ river kept to its course and eventually receded. Of course, we don’t live near it anyway since we’re a few miles out of town. Spring’s sprung here finally! 🙂


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