A life cut short

pexels-photo-132037.jpegMy heart’s been heavily burdened the last few days. 

One family’s sorrow is great this week and the sadness they bear touches my heart.

One minute a young man was embarked on a new adventure, with direction for a bright future.  The next minute he was gone.

That’s how quickly a life can be snuffed out.  In an instant, without warning, sometimes without making any sense at all to those left behind, a loved son, brother, grandson, friend leaves this world.

I learned this week that a fine, respectable, sincere young man who represented all that is right about the next generation passed away unexpectedly in a tragic accident far away from his home.

I didn’t know this young man personally, but his life overlapped with my family’s as he was a former college teammate of my son.   I believe I met him once briefly but I know I watched him passionately play his sport of choice for two seasons.

I want to be respectful of this family’s privacy and not put a lot of information about his life out there in cyber land.  But as a mother of a young adult man myself, my heart is so full of sympathy for the pain they must feel losing their loved one.

However, I do give thanks and praise God that this family has the assurance of knowing their loved one was a believer in Christ.  By all accounts, he shared his faith in many ways through mission trips and as an athlete.   And so of course, my rational mind must ask God why this terrible thing happened?  Why did a healthy young man pass from this life into the next in a place where he once helped serve others?

I imagine his family struggles with many unanswered questions and they will have to rely on their utmost faith in God to prevail through this unspeakable sorrow. Grief is such an indescribable thing and I can only imagine what his family must be enduring.  My heart is burdened so greatly for this family I do not know, yet surely must have sat in stadium bleachers with.  And all I can do is pray.

I pray they find comfort even in the most unusual places.  I pray that even in their darkest moments of grief they still choose to say “Blessed be the Lord” knowing this young man now walks with Jesus in eternity.  May they find the peace that passes all understanding – the only peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

“Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” ~ Matthew 5:4

And blessed is God Almighty, who gives and takes away.

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3 responses

  1. A parent’s worse nightmare – I can’t even imagine.
    Praying for that family – may they find peace in the midst of this amazing trial


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