Color my world (please)

blogDSCN0630I may be suffering from the middle of winter doldrums, which often occurs for me this time of year.

Even though I don’t mind winter and I actually do like the cold, come February I start to miss color in my life.

The panoramic prevalence of whiteness everywhere coupled with the bleakness of a hued world of greys and blacks makes me yearn for a rainbow of bright colors.   The lack of abundant sunshine doesn’t help much either.

Occasionally, I think I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (yep, SAD can make me sad) especially after we experience several bouts of gloomy snow-stormy weather sans the cheerful sun.   Winter scenery out here in the country, although it can be spectacularly beautiful, can also commence to look extremely stark and bleak.

blogDSCN0589Last year in February, my husband suggested a trip to the ‘islands’ to cure my ailment.  But since we lacked the funds for a real trip to some place tropical, he meant visiting the conservatory in our nearby city to check out an orchid show.

Interspersed amid room after room of abundant greenness were bursts of vivid color in conjunction with exhibits of amazing glass art by artist Dale Chihuly.  I compare that afternoon excursion to a re-awakening of our senses after a long winter’s nap.

The profusion of color that greeted our vision was exhilarating.   The fragrance of delicate flowers tickling our noses smelled exquisite.   Resonance from a steel drum symphony of Caribbean style music provided by a local musician reverberated in our ears.

Our tongues tasted the sweet tartness of tropical fruit grown on trees right there at the conservatory.  Our skin felt the heat and humidity necessary to keep some of the tropical plants happy.  Not a typical day in the wintry month of February!

blogDSCN0607By the time we returned home from our sensory overloaded excursion, I was almost giddy with elation.  What a morale booster our ‘trip to the islands’ proved to be!  Perceiving color, color, COLOR amidst the lush green foliage of all the plants and trees evoked such joy!

So I thought I’d share some of my photos taken that blustery, snowy day in February last year just in case you might be suffering from winter blues too.  It’s Page 11, Chapter Two in Opportunity and these pictures offer me a chance to color my world.

Here’s hoping they help you “think spring” too!  It only seems fitting to sing an ode to that season here, and Chicago’s song, “Color My World,” springs to my mind: (my thoughts in green italics parenthesis)

“As time goes on (and winter drags on)I realize

Just what you (Spring) mean to me.

And now, now that you’re near, (so says Punxsutawney Phil)

Promise your love (which you give us with color)

That I’ve waited to share, (all this winter season long)

And dreams of our moments together. (hopefully in sunshine)

Color my world with hope of loving you.  (Oh, Spring, my Spring, wherefore art thou?)



6 responses

  1. We are just starting to get a small glimpse of color in our yard. Every year, in February, we have a Rhody that blooms a lovey light pink. The buds are already blooming! Also, my daphnes are getting ready to pop any week now. They smell soooo wonderful!! Spring really is just right around the corner! It really is one of my most favorite times of the year! Thank you so much for the lovely pictures of your “tropical excursion!”


      • I would love to have seen some snow this year, but, alas, no snow on the valley floor at all. 😦 We don’t get to see it very often, so when it does come around we love it. I can see why you would crave for color though when you’ve been so long without it.


      • I remember living there and only seeing snow on Mt. Hood! Well, over here on this side of the country, we’ve had snow on the ground every day since early December I believe. Just getting a little tired of all that white! 😉


  2. If of thy mortal goods thou are bereft,
    And from thy store two loaves alone to thee are left,
    Sell one and with the dole,
    Buy hyacinths to feed the soul.

    from an ancient poet. 🙂


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