This snow globe’s making me quirky!

pexels-photo-314829.jpegSometimes you just feel like you’re stuck in a snow globe of winter.   Same thing, every day.  Same scenery, same blanket of white covering all the color in your world.

After all the sameness, I’m ready for something unique and different on the ninth page of Chapter Two in my new book, Opportunity. [That’s February 9, 2011 for those of you who haven’t been following my blog since January 1.]

As far as days go, today proved to be a typical, average kind of day.  A work day – not very eventful – and a cold, wintry day as the outdoor thermometer hanging outside my kitchen window displayed a near zero mark – but that too is the usual kind of day for February. So as the old saying goes, I have “nothing new to write home to mother about.”

Life seems a little mundane this week, even as hubby and I deal with a few changes to which we must adjust.  But this same old “business as usual” routine forced me to wonder if anything exciting ever happened on this day.

I performed a tad of research and thought I’d share what I learned about some of the informative events that did in fact take place on this date –  February 9th – just in case you need a trivial treat for the day!

  • In 1775, English Parliament declared that the colony of Massachusetts was “in rebellion.”  Guess they found out that declaring your teenager is rebellious doesn’t really solve the problem, huh?
  • Alanson (wonder if he was Alan’s son?) Crane patented the fire extinguisher on this day in 1863.  Buildings everywhere thank you, Mr. Crane, seriously.
  • Nebraska became our 37th state today back in 1867.  We would have a hole in the middle of our country if we didn’t have the “Cornhusker” State or Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and a tiny bit of Missouri would be horribly misshaped.
  • The U.S. Army established the U.S. National Weather Service on this date in 1870.  Having survived through numerous tornado warnings and watches myself, I’m grateful for that!  Keep up the good work, weather service people.
  • This one will astound you – the first shipment of asparagus arrived in San Francisco from Sacramento in 1891 on February 9.  Um, apparently the fine citizens of San Francisco were asparagus-less prior to that.  And apparently, even today asparagus must cost a fortune to ship because it is one of the pricier veggies at my supermarket.
  • You athletic types will enjoy the fact that volleyball was invented by W. G. Morgan in Massachusetts on February 9, 1895.  Thousands of volleyball teams, backyard and beach enthusiasts have Morgan to thank.
  • In 1922, snow fell on this date on Mauna Loa, Hawaii.   Seems to me, just lately, the same phenomena occurred.  Could there have been “global climate change” back then too?!
  • Teaching the theory of evolution was forbidden on this date in 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia schools.  Now teaching or even mentioning creation is forbidden in public schools all across our country.   Of course, some people call this progress.  I call it regression.
  • On this day in 1932, America entered an Olympic two-man bobsled competition for the first time.  “Hey mon…USA, we got a bob-sled team!”  (You’re only going to understand that reference if you’ve ever watched the 90’s movie, “Cool Runnings.”)
  • Prepare to be shocked by the following facts.  On February 9, 1933, the temperature recorded in Moran, Wyoming was  -63 degrees F, that’s 63 degrees below zero!  Can you believe that?? More “global climate change,” evidently!  Who knew?? And it continued because on the same day in 1934, New York City experienced its coldest day with minus 14 degrees F and a state record was set in Vanderbilt, Michigan with  a below zero temperature of -51 degrees F!   Of course, back then, no one was telling them that “our planet has a fever!”
  • “Look!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane….it’s Superman!”  Yep, on Feb. 9, 1953, the “Adventures of Superman” TV series premiered in syndication.  And I’m old enough to claim watching those episodes on TV in the late 50’s too.
  • When I was just a toddler way back in 1956, R. Lacoste followed Catroux as premier of Algeria.  I’ll admit I have never heard of either of them, but I wonder if Lacoste wore shirts with little alligators on them?
  • How many of you remember songs from the 50’s like I do?  In 1959, the Coasters’ hit song “Charlie Brown” peaked on the charts at #2 on this day.  He was a clown, that Charlie Brown, going around asking “Why’s everybody always picking on me?”
  • I know I’ve kicked the climate change thing around enough, but I just can’t resist telling you that on this day in 1963, New York City recorded its 7th largest snowfall in history – 16.7″ of the white stuff!  Sounds like a repeat of 2011, doesn’t it?
  • Two events of social and cultural noteworthiness occurred on Feb. 9, 1964.  The Beatles first appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and some 73.7 million viewers tuned in to the TV program (I was one of them!) and swooning, teenage girls were never the same again after that.  Don’t worry, guys, you weren’t left out of the excitement because GI Joe, the epitome of American soldiers and first male doll action figure with guts was created on this day.  A real American hero!
  • And my final triviality will really blow your mind.  Back in 1992 on this day, Thomas School from Germany was named the fastest yodeler when he yodeled 22 different tones, 15 of them falsetto, in one second!   Hey, I can’t explain ‘em, I just report ‘em!

I’m not certain if my blog proves to be a bright spot in the snow globe where you live today,  but just writing it makes mine a little more upbeat and fun.   And quirky.   Which is just what I needed on this day in February, Chapter Two, Page 9, in my book called Opportunity.



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