There’s snow on the ground but the city has a fever!

blogSteeler cupcakesTwo days and counting until the madness culminates.  I suspect that our area did not get the massive snowstorm that crippled parts of the Midwest and Northeast because our city has a fever!

We’re  gearing up for the big event – the Super Bowl.   It doesn’t matter that most of Steeler Nation won’t actually attend the Super Bowl down there in Texas.

The feverish fans will celebrate right here in the Steel City.  Pittsburgh and surrounding areas are bedecked in two colors and two colors only  – black and gold.  The only colors that matter right now.  Even newborn babies in our hospitals are wrapped in terrible towels and donning black and gold knitted caps!

Terrible towels are ready to be swung in arcs so fierce, the towels may get tattered.  Refrigerators and pantries are stocked with beverages and goodies for sustenance.  Kitchens are the busiest place in the house as cooks prepare tasty treats to “feed the fever.”   If you’re cooking or baking impaired, grocery stores and bakeries are stocking up for your needs – you can buy black and gold tortilla chips to go with that home-made salsa.

Local bakeries offer such delights as “GingerBen” cookies complete with the #7 Steelers jersey iced on them; football and jersey-shaped cookies in black and gold;  Steelers cap and helmet cakes, and even terrible towel cookies.

One of the yummiest bakeries I know stocked their shelves with a Cheese-grater cake (it’s a large mouse-shaped cake dressed in a Steelers jersey chomping on a  piece of cheese!).   If you can’t imagine it, go here:

I’m not a frequenter of bars or saloons – never has been my thing and never will be – but our newspaper ran an article about a local saloon sporting black and gold everywhere.  The entire ceiling boasts a painted black and gold checkered pattern, Steelers flags wave throughout the establishment and the Steelers fight song – Here We Go!– pulsates continuously.   The ceiling alone took four days and nine gallons of paint to complete.

That same bar displays a pick-up truck painted black with a predominant gold stripe running over it.  Favorite Steelers players’ numbers are also painted on the vehicle.  Apparently, there’s a little damage on the front bumper…yep, that’s where the truck ran over a Green Bay Packer.

Yes, people, “yinz” need to understand that Steelers fans are serious about their football team!  [For those of you who don’t know what “yinz” means –   many folks here use that term for the plural of the word you instead of ya’ll or yous guys.]

Mama’s empty nest family and friends will watch the Big Game, cheering on our boys (I’ve got two faves – Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward), and will no doubt be hoarse afterwards from all the ranting and raving.  One of the members of our family is such a fan-addict (fanatic) that she is actually flying home for the weekend just to watch the Super Bowl here with fellow “Stillers”  (that’s how many western Pennsylvanians pronounce Steelers) lovers.

She laments that no one’s really interested in the Steelers way down there in Dixie and she just wants to watch the game with “people who care!”   She tried to drum up some enthusiasm from her co-workers this week  – baking and decorating Steeler cupcakes for them (pictured above) and decorated her black cat with a gold collar – but to no avail.

Oldest daughter arrives today and I assume she’s only packed black and gold clothing and her Steeler jersey (#43 – we love Troy!) in her carry-on.   I’m off to the airport to pick up my feverish daughter.  Let’s hope for victory number seven or I will have one sad, sad girl to put back on an airplane Monday.



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