Must. Snap. Crackle. Pop.

pexels-photo-273011.jpegToday is the last page of Chapter One in my book of Opportunity and I’m giving you fair warning.

If you came to my blog today to read something inspiring, something that will touch your heart, or something that will make you contemplative about life, you might want to stop reading now.

Instead,  today I feel very silly.  Maybe it’s because it’s the last day of January.  February is such a shorty, so that means March will arrive soon enough and a hint of spring will be in the air by then.  Maybe I’m feeling lighthearted because the sunshine has been delightful today.  I don’t know – I just know I must write about something whimsical and fun.

So here goes! First of all, I learned some fascinating trivia about this day.  Did you know that famous composer Franz Schubert was born on January 31, 1797?

Go Google him if you don’t know who he was and listen to some of his music.  He is famous for his “Unfinished Symphony (No 8)” – unfinished because he died of typhus in his hometown, Vienna, Austria at the age of 31.

One hundred years later, a $10,000 prize was offered to anyone who could “finish” the unfinished symphony, but the offer was withdrawn when a huge protest broke out over the idea.   So Shubert’s unfinished business remains unfinished.

If classical music isn’t your thing, maybe you’d like to know that today is also the birthday of Justin Timberlake, the former lead singer of the pop band N’Sync (a group that my two daughters positively swooned over when they were much younger!).   Timberlake, who kissed his boy band career “bye, bye, bye” to become an actor and solo performer, was born January 31, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee.

It seems to me that this young man, who turns 30 today and calls himself “more spiritual than religious,” has strayed pretty far from his roots as the grandson of a Baptist minister.  Perhaps he too has some “unfinished business.”

Here’s another tidbit to store in your trivia bank.  On this day in 1940, Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, VT, received the first ever Social Security monthly retirement check in the amount of $22.54.   Social Security was established in 1935 and Fuller only worked for three years under the Social Security program.

This one will slay you – she paid only $24.75 into the system, but she lived to be 100 years old and collected $22,888 total in Social Security benefits.  For her, “unfinished business” worked well, don’t you think?

And now for the pièce de résistance! (See, I am feeling whimsical today, I’m writing French, a language I know very little!)  Drum roll, please…..

Today, January 31, is “Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!”  Oh yeah, according to Sealed Air Corporation (the company that makes the snap, crackle and pop packaging product), today is the day “to celebrate the joy that Bubble Wrap® brings to our lives. A day to learn the history and snapping etiquette and to gain a new appreciation of the country’s favorite shipping material (invented in 1960).  Also, a day to snap and share Bubble Wrap® with coworkers, classmates and loved ones.”

Now if that doesn’t rock your socks off, nothing will!  Apparently, I missed the 50th birthday celebration of this amazing product – it was last year.  But I’ll tell you, I think bubble wrap is the coolest thing.  I cannot see a scrap of it and resist popping every last one of those little air-filled bubbles.  It just calls my name, you know?

If I was younger, I’d even enter the “Annual Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors.”  For real!  For the last few years, kids are encouraged to design products using bubble wrap for usage other than the typical packaging routine.  Past inventions have included a bubble wrap car door cover, a bubble wrap “cushy” wheelchair and a “Transformable Bubble Wrap Kite.”

But wait!  I have even more intriguing information to impart to you!  Sealed Air realizes that popping bubble wrap is a great stress reliever, so the company’s corporate offices actually have “stress relief boxes” filled with their product for employees to snap, crackle and pop.   I want to work there!!!

Maybe someone from that company will read my blog and want to hire me!  I’ve even written an ode to my favorite packaging product to show my devotion and help my cause:

I love you bubble wrap,

Oh yes I do

The way you  pop and snap

When I press you.

You are addicting,

It’s true.

Oh, bubble wrap I love you!

Admit it, now you want to go find a piece of bubble wrap so you can smash all those little fun-provoking bubbles.  Well, dear reader, since I am not one to burst your bubble, here are some websites to visit where you can virtually pop some air:

And whatever you do, don’t miss visiting   – the official bubble wrap site from Sealed Air Corporation.   There’s all kinds of snappy stuff there.

As for me, I have some “unfinished business” to attend to myself.  I’m pretty certain I squirreled away a piece of bubble wrap I found when hubby and I cleared out the chaos in the basement.

Must. Find. Bubble wrap.  Happy popping!!



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    • Oooo, I am sooo very jealous! I wish I worked with you, then I could sneak some of your bubble wrap out of your drawer when you weren’t looking. Of course, the incessant snapping of bubbles would give me away, wouldn’t it? So tell me, how do you resist popping every last little bubble in your stash????


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