A spot of tea for two

pexels-photo-755044.jpegPerhaps my husband is getting in touch with his British side lately.  Nah, he doesn’t have one that we know of.

He comes from good old German stock mostly.  I’ve got German heritage also, but more British lineage than anything.  Maybe that’s why I love my tea.

Seeing as most of our country is socked in with blustery, wintry weather, we are definitely no exception here in the homeland.  Several inches of snow have blanketed the ground for most of this month and last month as well.  It’s been snowing every day this week.  And it’s cold!

In an effort to keep our natural gas bill beast at bay or at least tamed this winter, we’ve lowered our thermostat.  At night while we sleep, we set the temperature pretty low, but both hubby and I rest better when it’s cool.  Besides, warm comfy covers dress up the bed, should we need to pull them up to our necks to stave off the cold.

But we’ve also kept our house on the very chilly side during the day.  This is nothing new; ask our children how many times they’ve told us it was freezing in our house when they were growing up.  We just told them to put on a sweater and stop walking around the house in a tee-shirt and no socks in the winter time.

But we’ve developed a new nightly ritual in Mama’s Empty Nest during this latest spell of living in the deep freeze.  Every evening after dinner, hubby and I settle down in the family room.  We either check out what’s on television, immerse ourselves in a book, or plug ourselves into our computers.

Since it’s so chilly in the house, hubby wraps himself in one of our many throws and I do the same.  After awhile, he heats up the whistling teakettle and we have ourselves a spot of hot tea to warm our bones.

Tea time.  Tea for two.  This is unusual because my husband is a coffee drinker.  Granted he switched to decaf a few years ago, but he still cranks up his day with his favorite beverage.  That’s why it’s surprising to me that he’s turned into a tea “toter” at night.

We sample the many kinds of teas that cozy up the kitchen cabinet and we compare notes on the taste of each one.   Hubby’s choice tonight is Tazo Zen tea and mine is green tea with a hint of orange spice.  The tea warms our chilled bodies and soothes us with calmness and serenity in the quiet of the evening.

But for me, it warms my soul to share a spot of tea with my beloved one on Page 14, Chapter One, (January 14th) in my book of Opportunity, even if our nest is empty.

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