Opening the book of opportunity

blogDSCN8183It is after 5 p.m. and Chapter One, Page Two (January 2nd) in my book of Opportunity is more than half-way completed.

This second day of the New Year produced a blessing to make my heart glad – all six seats around my kitchen table were full. 

Six? Yes, all of mama’s young adult children plus one – middle daughter’s boyfriend – joined hubby and me for one last home-cooked meal before departing the nest for their separate ways.

The Christmas-New Year holiday is officially over for us.   The decorations and lights have been dismantled and packed away until next year.  We endeavored and succeeded at having a first-rate holiday full of wonderful memories of our time together.  But now, reality must set in and sometimes, reality leaves us feeling as bare as the house looks without the festive trimmings.

It’s back to work for me, back to the empty nest, back to every day demands, back to facing whatever life throws at us.  During the last two weeks of the old year, hubby and I received some news for which we weren’t prepared. 

Life is not proceeding as we had planned, but that’s the way real life happens.  We are encountering some difficulties, some bumps in our journey along the road of life, a set-back.

Unnerving? Yes. Worrisome?  Of course.  As often happens when life throws us for a loop, it takes a little time to recover, to right yourself after being knocked sideways or, as may be the case, down on your backside.  We will need to adjust and determine what our course of action will be and pray for wisdom and guidance.

But we’re granted a new start each day that we awaken and we must make the best of that.  And through the struggle, the uncertainty, we must give thanks and praise to the One who grants us each new day and provides our needs. 

So on this day, I choose not to be downtrodden nor depressed.  Instead,  I choose to be thankful for the food on my table, the opportunity to gaze at my loved ones’ faces around that table, and the moments our family enjoyed together this Christmas season past.

I choose to view the change in our life that we are currently encountering as an opportunity for something new.  And even more importantly than that, I choose to believe the message a dear friend texted me after our disconcerting news: “Lots of opportunities for God to show His power.”

And it is in God I place my trust.  I trust that He will provide for our needs and He will provide new opportunities each and every day.



7 responses

  1. Empty homes sure do leave an hollow echo around the place don’t they? Chin up friend, I’ll be with you in thought tomorrow morning as the day begins. Let’s see what the Father will do to meet your need.


  2. “Lots of opportunities for God to show His power.”

    I love that saying! Whatever is happening with you, step back and let God take over and watch Him work. It’s amazing to do nothing while He works. I hope everything is okay. Let me know what I can pray for specifically; or I’ll just pray generally for you and yours.


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