Have a holly jolly time

christmas-cookies-553457.jpgHave a holly jolly cookie or two or three or more.   Go ahead and eat so many you won’t fit through the door!

Middle daughter and I baked cookies until we were sick of looking at them today. We didn’t make as many sweets as we usually do, but we have more than we should eat, that’s certain!

We just picked out a few favorite recipes and made those.  Our gingerbread men and teddy bears are a little deranged looking but they taste yummy.  Daughter also made our favorite salty snack – Chex mix – which we usually devour in no time at our house.

We were so tired of being in the kitchen, we ate leftovers for dinner and settled down in the family room to watch our favorite pro football team on television.  And oh yeah, right now they are crushing their opponent!   Total domination.  Wave the terrible towel!  Merry Christmas to our favorite team!

While watching the game begin, I suddenly spied a figure jumping up and down on our deck in front of the French door and it wasn’t Santa.  A few minutes earlier, I thought I had heard a car door slam shut, but decided it was too early for son to be arriving from the state next door.

But there he was, jumping up and down, dressed in a hysterically funny decorated “ugly Christmas sweater” (bright red sweater on which he had tied jingle bells and candy canes) and singing a made-up “Merry Christmas” song as loud as humanly possible. What a picture!  I told you he was our funny one.

Oh what joy!  Christmas is almost upon us.  Two are home, one more to go.  A trip to the airport awaits us tomorrow to pick up oldest daughter.  Then the festivities begin!   And we will have a holly, jolly Christmas!  You have one too!

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