Cup of Christmas tea

blogdscn0476The most soothing thing to me is a cup of hot, steaming tea.

A lot of people kick start their mornings with a jolt of java.  Not me.  Coffee smells intriguing, but I find its taste revolting.

I can hear you coffee drinkers gasping out loud at such a statement and I’m sure you must think I’m insane.  But no matter how much you doctor up that cup of joe, with chocolate, vanilla, steamed cream, moonbeams…whatever, it still doesn’t taste delicious to me.

One time years ago, a friend convinced me to go to Starbucks for some caramel-laced coffee concoction that she was certain would cure my java jilting.  Nope, didn’t work.  I took a tentative sip, then took another and declared it unfit for human consumption.  Meanwhile, my friend practically inhaled hers!

So thank you, but no thank you to coffee.  I’ll just stick to my tea, a lovely spot of relaxing tea.  Awhile ago, a co-worker informed me that she had heard that the caffeine in coffee was highly stimulating, but in tea it actually worked in an opposite fashion.  Instead of wiring you up, giving you the jumpy jitters like java, tea calms you down.  I’ll second that!

Tea has been attributed to some health benefits as well.  Apparently, tea contains antioxidants, which protect your body from harmful effects of pollution and even against cancer.  Some studies even claim tea may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke and protects our bones, keeping them strong.  And that’s not all, tea supposedly gives our immune systems a boost.

There are several varieties of tea in my kitchen cupboard – everything from fruity herbal  to stomach soothing peppermint.  Green tea, black tea, white tea.  Irish breakfast tea to start your day.  Decaffeinated camomile lemon to finish  it.  That’s a sampling of the various teas you can expect to be offered at my house.

My young co-worker/friend is partial to Earl Grey, but one day we shared a white spicy tea that was superb, using the last two teabags in our office kitchen.  Since then we searched high and low for this particular tea, and he informed me the other day he found it after an internet search.  That’s how serious we are about our tea.

I do like flavored teas, but most of the time, I reach for the good old reliable Lipton tea bags.  Hot water poured straight from the boiling tea kettle over this staple, steeped enough to brew the perfect cup, no sugar, no cream.  That’s the way I take my tea.

Tea just makes my day enjoyable.  I’ve been a tea-toter since my childhood days.  My mom. introduced me to hot tea, which she would make for me every morning, heavily laced with lots of milk and a little sugar.  It warmed my body and warmed my soul as well.  Eventually, I weaned myself off the milk and then the sugar, so now I take my tea straight.  No dainty teacup for me, although I own many, I partake of my favorite beverage in a large mug, one I can cup my hands around to savor the warmth.

May I offer you a little soothing tea-time during this busy Christmas season to calm your spirit?  Enjoy the following poem, entitled “The Christmas Teacup,” written by Sandy Lynam Clough.

“The pretty little teacup was once just a lump of clay, until God’s loving fingers gently molded it one day.

Stronger and more beautiful the teacup soon became; as its true purpose was defined, no lifeless clay remained.

So, let’s sit down and share a special cup of Christmas tea, and thank the Lord for all He does to fashion you and me,

Into the folks He had in mind long before our birth…the loved ones Jesus came to save when He came here to earth.”

My prayer for you, dear readers, is that you may find a little time during the next few weeks to put on the tea kettle, pour yourself a cup of serenity, curl up in your favorite chair with a soothing cup of tea, and reflect on the true meaning of the season – the birth of our Savior.

As for me, I must go now….the tea kettle’s whistling!



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    • Wouldn’t that be lovely? And relaxing. We could share our empty nest blues together too and our cup of tea would make us feel better. I even have some Candy Cane Lane green tea in my cupboard just for the occasion. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. I like both. :o) One gets me going (coffee), but it can also relax on cold days. The other (tea) relaxes me in the evening. I especially love my tea with two cookies and a spot of honey in the hot broth. Combine that with my favorite book or perhaps a television show and a warm afghan and I am set!


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