Operation Christmas postponed (at least for a day or so)

blogDSCN0485Sometimes when my subconscious can’t get through to my awakened state of mind, I imagine it forms an alliance with my body.

The recessed part of my brain has been trying to communicate with the conscious component and since my daytime functioning brain (at least I hope it’s functioning!) isn’t picking up the signal, the subconscious has enlisted the rest of my body to join forces with it. 

I’m pretty certain I can attribute my current state of lethargy right now to this coalition.  It might not make much sense to you, but it makes perfectly logical sense to me.

See, I’ve concluded that my subconscious isn’t ready to let go of the Thanksgiving holiday quite yet, but since December has now arrived and Christmas is a mere 24 days away, my logical mind wants to plan the attack for Operation Christmas….get the decorating mission accomplished,  finish Christmas maneuvers (shopping), address those greeting cards and launch them into the mail zone, fire up the oven and bake some cookies, move it, move it, move it!

Let’s get this house ship-shape, toy soldier!  Tactical plans need to be made if you’re going to win the battle of the tangled lights and launch the attack on the hanging of the greens.  We’ve got a tree to erect!  Send out the platoon of nutcrackers to their observation tower.  Attention snowmen, line up on the fireplace mantel.   Lady, man your gift wrapping station!  Hut two, three, four!

But the mind can’t achieve what the body isn’t willing to do.  My body stammers and balks.

“Slow down a minute!  Too tired.  Didn’t get enough sleep.  Back is hurting.  Ow, what’s wrong with that knee?  It’s cold (shiver, shiver).  No energy.  Too hungry.  Need to get up early tomorrow.  Let’s just sit here on the couch, shall we?”

It’s obvious that my physical body is organizing a mutiny against my drill sergeant brain.  And somewhere underneath it all, the culprit behind my unwilling body is my subconscious mind.  It’s trying to reach me, sending out signals, communicating in code, but I’ve been ignoring the message, which is “Take time to be thankful before you race into the Christmas season.”

I’ve been contemplating this and my lack of Christmas spirit for the last couple of days. Today one of my fellow bloggers, another empty nester, confirmed my thoughts in a comment she left on my entry yesterday.  (Thank you, Reeling in the Years!)  She told me she was going to give herself the gift “of having several transitional days of missing them [her young adult children], saying good-bye to Thanksgiving, and not rushing helter skelter into Christmas.”

And that’s exactly what my little inner voice and my body has been trying to tell me all along.  Thanksgiving is truly one of the most endearing holidays to me.  It’s not just about gorging on turkey and all the trimmings.  It’s about family coming together, spending precious moments, enjoying home-cooked meals and conversation around the table, expressing love for one another.

Thanksgiving is about pausing in our hectic schedules of life and evaluating all the things we have been blessed to witness, experience, and learn from.  And it’s about being grateful for all of it.

The Thanksgiving season gets so left behind in the dust,  like the proverbial red-headed step-child  neglected and overlooked in between Halloween and Christmas.  Let’s face it, retailers – stores or online – don’t get much action with Thanksgiving.  That’s not where the money is to be made.  So Thanksgiving has become a little blip in between the other two holidays.  To me that is just so wrong and so heartbreaking.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I do love the Christmas season.  However, when I was growing up, the Christmas season did not truly start until after Thanksgiving was over. 

Now Christmas lights and decorations start appearing, not just in stores but also on people’s homes, as soon as the Great Pumpkin moves along.  I can’t tell you how many houses I’ve seen on my travels with pumpkins still on the front porch and Santa parked in his sleigh in the yard with lights blazing long before Thanksgiving Day even arrives!

We’ve relegated Thanksgiving to a day to stuff ourselves silly with food, watch a few football games, and then forget about this treasured day and our blessings in our frenzied rush to hit the stores on Black Friday, even if it’s in the middle of the night. 

Well, this year I’m not jumping into the foray.  Instead I want to savor and cherish my season of Thanksgiving, so I will not feverishly and frantically charge into the Christmas melee, even if it is December 1st.

So please bear with me, dear reader.  For a few more days, I’m going to muse about the season of thanksgiving.  I need to meander my way through my thoughts about this so overlooked season and express ideas about that for which I am most grateful.  Only after I accomplish that mission will I be prepared – body, mind and soul – to enjoy the wonder of Christmas.

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7 responses

  1. This is why I don’t listen to Christmas music or deal with anything that has Christmas in it until I see Santa in the Thanksgiving parade! And people call me crazy…


  2. Hooray for postponing Christmas one more day! We are so “meh” about Christmas this year. Maybe it is the ridiculous fervor for consumerism and a lack of concern for the poor and needy around our communities and world by the church that turns us off. Wait, let me correct that; yep that’s what turns us off. You’re right Christmas comes to soon and we forget too quickly what our response as Christians should be during this entire season.


  3. I’m with you! It’s very disheartening to see things prematurely put up. We really do not take the time to stop and appreciate all we’ve been blessed with. In our family we have the two red-headed twin’s birthday right there just before Christmas! Dec. 11th! So there is another thing we juggle during this time of year. For a long time we didn’t even put up our tree until after their birthday so as to keep the birthday seperate from the Christmas holiday. I never wanted them to feel that we just lumped the two things together and call it good. But now they want that tree to go up as soon as possible in December! Kind of funny how that worked out..=) But we still have two celebrations!


      • yeppers! They are worth the celebration for sure! They and their sister are a rich blessing to me and hubby. The boys are now part of our local Civil Air Patrol and so will be spending their birthday, happily, placing Christmas wreaths at the grave sites of those soldiers who have died at our local military cemetary. They are looking so forward to being able to honor their memory.


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