Singing the same old song


An old Carpenters song from the 70’s is strolling around in my mind today.  It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and I am as blue as blue can be.

Back when I was a young mama and even a mama with college-aged kids, I had more motivation to prepare and decorate our home for the Christmas season.  Now I feel as tangled up as these Christmas lights and I need a good straightening out.

Back then by this particular Monday, I would have most if not all of my Christmas shopping finished; our Christmas cards addressed, stamped, and with the annual greetings letter tucked inside, ready to mail;  the Christmas tree erected and adorned with lights and ornaments; and our house completely festooned inside and out.

Draping and swathing our home in Christmas garlands during Thanksgiving weekend is a family tradition that hubby and I started as newlyweds.  The day after the turkey became a refrigerator leftover, we would start hauling out the holly.  When our children came along, the Friday after Thanksgiving was traditionally, every year without fail, the day we would venture out in search of the perfect pine tree to chop down, tie to the top of our car, and transport home to embellish.  By Monday, our home looked like the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future had been whirling dervishes inside and out at our house.

But not this year.  A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone.  Oldest daughter left early Sunday morning to drive back to Dixie.  Middle daughter headed back into the city after church.  Son helped hubby drag all the Christmas decorations down from the garage attic last night before son left to go back to the state next door.  And that’s where the boxes still sit – lonely, unopened, and taking up too much space in the garage.

There are no cheery Christmas decorations beautifying any area of my house on this Monday after Thanksgiving – no pine tree (real or artificial), no twinkling lights, no garlands of greenery, no nutcrackers, no sparkly ornaments, no nothing.  Christmas cards are bought but sit unaddressed in their packages.  Christmas shopping?  Ha.  I have purchased a few items, but have lost motivation to finish.

Someone around here needs to find some Christmas spirit, and I don’t think it will be the cat.  Even hubby, who usually gets pumped about stringing the outside lights across the house, garage, and shrubs, said, “I don’t feel like it” when asked if he was ready to start decking the halls.

That’s why the lyrics to the Carpenters song “Rainy Days and Mondays” is on replay over and over in my mind today like a broken record.  (See, I can’t even mull over Christmas music!) The song lyrics are in black italic print, my thoughts are in brackets in blue.  [Of course.]

Talkin’ to myself and feelin’ old [Tryin’ to talk myself into puttin’ up Christmas decorations but feelin’ too old and lethargic today!]

Sometimes I’d like to quit [Quit? Heck, I don’t even want to get started!]
Nothing ever seems to fit [Hey, I don’t want to talk about my wardrobe here!]
Hangin’ around [And wanderin’ around the house, tryin’ to do laundry, and really tryin’ to find some motivation.]
Nothing to do but frown [Not really, I have LOTS to do but no gumption, that’s what’s makin’ me frown!]
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down. [Rainy days do get me down, but not my problem today.  It’s bright and sunny outside.  So let’s just blame it on Monday.]
What I’ve got they used to call the blues [Or the empty nest syndrome.]
Nothin’ is really wrong [Except I’m missin’ my children, my house is quiet again, and I lack some get up and go!]
Feelin’ like I don’t belong [Been there, done that.]
Walkin’ around [Walkin’ from the couch to the boxes of Christmas décor in the garage then empty-handed back to the couch again.]
Some kind of lonely clown [Or lonely nutcracker, heavy on the nuts!]
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down. [At least this Monday does.]

Funny but it seems I always wind up here with you [Writin’ in my blog.]
Nice to know somebody loves me [My family does love me, but my blog readership is down, so I’m not feelin’ the love, people.] 
Funny but it seems that it’s the only thing to do [Right now it seems like it’s the only thing I WANT to do!]
Run and find the one who loves me. [That would be Jesus, He’s always got my back.]
What I feel has come and gone before [Just wish it would go for good!]
No need to talk it out [Been there, done that too.]
We know what it’s all about [Yep, it’s called bein’ depressed because your kids are gone.]
Hangin’ around [At least, I’m gettin’ the laundry done and a blog entry written.]
Nothing to do but frown [At all those loaded boxes in the garage.  Wishin’ I could turn my frown into twitchin’ my nose to make those decorations magically dance to their desired locations around the inside and outside of my house!]
Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down. [But tomorrow is another day, so said Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind anyway!]

Okay, I’m done singing the same old tune.  I’m gonna go look for some Christmas music.


6 responses

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  2. Pingback: Hauling out the holly « Mama's Empty Nest

  3. I can so relate! Surrounded by boxes and don’t know where to begin! After work, I think if I just focus on getting a tree today, then I can play music and decorate later, in mini-chunks…
    My daughter just flew out yesterday, and our son drove back to the ‘next state’ (love that) Sunday. I’m going to give myself the gift of having several transitional days of missing them, saying good-bye to Thanksgiving, and not rushing helter skelter into Christmas.
    Love your photo, and have always loved that Carpenter’s song.


    • I know! I keep thinking if I just decorate a little at a time, but unfortunately now my house has this strange mix of fall decor with a little Christmas thrown in. Definitely weird. Anyway, THANK YOU for your comment! It confirmed what I had already suspected. I need to do the same thing you’re doing – “give myself the gift of having several transitional days of missing them, saying good-bye to Thanksgiving, and not rushing helter skelter into Christmas.” I needed your wise words to confirm the feelings I was having about not being ready to give up Thanksgiving quite yet!


  4. You miss your kids. Understandable.

    Now…get off that homesick feeling and get up those lights. You’ll feel better after your house is dressed in Christmas cheer. Obviously, I can’t identify with the empty nest feeling as my husband and I don’t have children. So every Christmas we drag out our boxes and look forward to dressing our home in Christmas joy. Our children are the lonely people whom on occasion darken our doorway.

    ;o) Seriously, I hope you and your husband get a call from your kids. Maybe that’s what you need…to hear from them.


    • Thanks Nikole! You’re right I will feel much better after the house is dressed in Christmas cheer and sometimes I just need a little kick in the…behind too!
      😉 And the Lord helped me out a little in the Christmas spirit department by sending a little snow our way today! 🙂


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