Do I hear bells?

pexels-photo-210528.jpegI’m thinking about going old school, turning back time, going retro.

I’m checking out my options, not rushing into the most available, most convenient, flashy item sitting somewhere on a shelf in the local discount store.

I’m talking about alarm clocks.  The latest time change into DST (daylight savings time) rendered my bedside clock incapable of keeping up with the zones.  My clock was a small, non-distinct, black, digital clock radio, actually a hand-me down from one of my kids.

Crazy clock had a history of acting up, getting its little circuit innards tied up in knots.  That’s why middle daughter abandoned it; she couldn’t deal with its unpredictable attitude of running like clock-work some days but then being totally unreliable on others.

After I inherited it though, little Blackie with his red light up digital numerals seemed to tick off the hours and minutes of the day and night just fine with few misfirings.  Oh, every blue moon or so, it might have a little hiccup and get stuck, but a good shake seemed to set it right again.

But alas, the night I reset it back an hour, it apparently was just too much for its little ticker.  I couldn’t seem to sleep that night, and every time I turned over to look at my little buddy hanging out on my nightstand, it was going crazy.

It seemed to be ticking off the hours instead of seconds.  That’s why at what had to be 2 a.m., its little red numbers informed me it was 6:37 p.m.  Poor little guy definitely had its wires crossed!

It continued its wacky ways for a full day until I gave it a good smack (please don’t report me to the clock radio protective services people).  I didn’t really hurt it, because it started telling time correctly again for a few days after that.  Obviously, I thought it had just needed a little reprimand to straighten up and tell time right.

But its time was obviously coming to a quick and abrupt end, I just didn’t realize it.  The other night as I was turning in for a good night’s rest, I glanced over at Blackie.  It was obviously deranged because its red digits were totally messed up and didn’t look like numerals at all, but rather some strange hieroglyphics…from a very foreign land…or some galaxy far, far away.

I confess I shook it and smacked it once, unplugged it,  waited a couple of minutes and plugged it back in again, hoping the electrical shock Blackie received would re-jump its clock heart and get it going once more.

It didn’t move, not one minute, instead just stared at me with those listless strange markings on its face.  Then it became quite apparent that its days had been numbered and its number was up!

For days now, I’ve been without an alarm clock.  Oh, don’t worry, I haven’t overslept.  I actually have an alarm clock that awakens me every morning.  It’s called my husband.  He, ever the early riser, is almost always bounding out of bed ready to face his day long before me.  And when he gets up, I wake up.  Sometimes I doze back to sleep for a few more winks, but usually my internal clock reminds me the exact time I need to arise and get going.

I haven’t rushed out to buy a new clock yet.  I’m seriously considering getting a real alarm clock – the old fashioned analog kind I had when I was a kid,  the kind you wind to keep going.

Why?  First of all, electronics just don’t seem to be as well made as they used to be.  That’s why my hubby’s 30-year-old clock radio still works and my 5-year-old one is deader than a doornail.

Secondly, a wind-up clock won’t let me down when the power goes out, which occasionally happens, or ever need new batteries.  I never used the snooze button on my old clock and I don’t need a radio because I don’t prefer to wake up to music.  (That’s another post that I’ll write about later), so those are features I won’t miss.

It will be just me and my new little buddy.  All I need from it is to ensure I’m awake when I need to be and to show me the correct time during those nights I wake up and wonder what time it is.

The only thing my clock will need is me to wind it.  I think I’m up for the challenge and I’m wondering if the steady and hypnotizing tick-tock of a wind-up clock might put me into dreamland a little faster.  Time will tell.



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